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Pryapisme - Futurologie Award winner

by Isha Shah at 04 January 2015, 2:36 PM

If you thought 2014 was a year of new sounds and intriguing touches then just wait for February 2015, as PRYAPISME, who are claimed to be one of the most “weirdest bands” to entre this decade, are bringing out a whole new EP filled with new twists, titled “Futurologie”.

Born in the 2000s, the experimental Prog-metal band from France have returned and are ready to spice up the modern ears of a new year with their sensational sound that is somehow are addictive in every form. With menacing sounds that are chaotic in every beat, PRYAPISME are your kind of band, with their forever-changing genre style in every split second, this band is to say the least diverse. The real challenge which the band have seemed to mastered in the first song is creating such an innovative piece of artwork and as far as I am concerned, they have utterly thrashed their way to the finishing line, with this 23 minute EP.

Placing our ears to the starter track of “Lunacy Still Prevails” we are toughed with light flute flutter sweeping in, capturing a whiff of china town and peaceful gardens, you can imagine this track being played in harmony and peace before its slow absorption temps up the speed hitting you with electronic kicks in all directions. Before you have time to settle down the track then diverts its self to a sea beach mermaid tune before once again changing with techno rays of noise. There is no rest here as each track blends into another, perfectly fitting together like a final puzzle piece.

The best thing about this EP is that you never know what is going on or what to expect next, with twists changing at sharp corners, the music sweeps you in like a narrative, gluing your attention directly to the pure sound, allowing your brain to make matching pictures. For certain, you need to listen to this record in order for the full experience to take place, as every second is vital and precious to the grander scheme of things.

With a moderate start, things start to pick up even more as we delve deeper into this space oddity of treats, never knowing that to picture next, the wonderfully composed keyboards juxtapose with the chunky guitar chugs. Despite it being fully instrumental, PRYAPISME have seemed to keep you more alert and intact than any other record. The constant switching and bashing of contrasting sounds to create an inner vocal voice allows for such strength to build on this record.

Trying to find the fault is like searching for a needle in a haystack, there simple is none. Proving their true talents of producing music, each song is crafted with special alterations that have been taken great care of when it comes to detail, with grinding explosions of madness; the whole record is an explosion of sounds escaping into the atmosphere.

Overall the EP holds very high in regards to new music, sure to cause some havoc in your life, PRYAPISME have produced an outstanding piece of dated artwork.

4 Star Rating

1. Lunacy Still Prevails
2. Rape The Rapist
3. Entering The Kill Fest
4. There Is No God
5. We Are The Undead
6. Penetrating The Weak
7. City Of The Cannibals
8. Decapitate The Holy Whore
9. Farewell To The Flesh
10. Wretched Life
Nicolas Sénac : Guitar, Bass, Synths
Benjamin Bardiaux : Keyboards
Aymeric Thomas : Drums, Clarinet, Machines
Antony Miranda : Bass, Percussions, Moog
Nils Cheville : Guitar
Record Label: Apathia Records


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