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Psilocybe Larvae - The Labyrinth Of Penumbra

Psilocybe Larvae
The Labyrinth Of Penumbra
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 December 2012, 10:11 PM

Constant musical development, while not forgetting the origins that built the artist from day one, can take different paths, positive or miserably negative. Furthermore it could generate a few hard to digest examples that might not end well with loyal followers. I am sure that you experienced those intervals every now and then so don't look like you don't know what I am talking about. I think the similar changes over the development of the extreme Metal fusion of Black and Death Metal has brought with it a load some of offering to the beloved crowd of intense followers. PSILOCYBE LARAVE of a Russian origin, have been taking their music into place where there is no light shining through, only to find themselves running out there in the cold, taking comfort in shades of grey. I had the chance to review their earlier album and it was an eye opener nonetheless, even without giving it a perfect score. "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra", via Buil2Kill Records / Nadir Music, is like sinking your teeth in an iron plate while ignoring that you might break something, a risk taking venture that mixed spirituality, suspense, harmonies and a version of aggression.

After listening to the band's previous adventure in the midst, I knew its continuance was only a matter of time. "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" is way more assorted and diverse in contrast to the early album when it comes to the material, I might also add that as in the past, it also shares a few awkward features that played out rather nicely and contributed to the band's uniqueness. Earlier I also talked about the less digestive aspects of the album. Well, if you were looking for a sort of extreme sounding catchiness, there is none to show. On this case for a change, I was glad that it wasn't. Sure that several of the tracks seemed hard to chew on as the band always kept heading forward with odd time signatures, rigid rhythms, melodic licks, skillful drumming and a structured spiritual orchestration, trying to find additional niches to hang on to. I respect them for that, like a soul searching with no end. Though I had a few quarrels with myself with question if I liked what I was listening, if I could appreciate the shifts of mood running along like wicked children, I came to once again admire this group's outcome due to the quality of the ideas brought to life.

me of those ideas were in the vein of "Shining Shambahla", that accumulated elements of Gothic Metal into high quality modern Black Metal alignments and indeed was the album's greatest event. "Haunting", as its name ignited the spirituality feature within the amazing atmospheric nature delivered. "River Of Remembrance" and "Into The Labyrinth" crossed the foggy river with elegance and great musicianship, vocalic craftsmanship and haunting melodies "Trial By Fire" was a tad tricky song with an amazing main riff that really got me going. Sadly, as also a few other examples on this album, it ended too early for my taste. This album seemed like something constructed to take in, but it is worth it as it has no black or white. So go ahead and hop in.

4 Star Rating

1. Soul Trekking
2. Haunting
3. Shining Shambahla
4. Trial by Fire
5. Into the Labyrinth
6. Contemplation (Instrumental)
7. Fortress of Time
8. River of Remembrance
9. No Escape 
Larv– Guitar / Voices
Andrew- Guitar
Alex- Bass
Alan- Drums
Dmitry- Keys
Record Label: Buil2Kill Records / Nadir Music


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