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Psychedelic Witchcraft - Magick Rites and Spells Award winner

Psychedelic Witchcraft
Magick Rites and Spells
by JOGANEGAR at 22 April 2017, 1:33 PM

When one thinks about, renaissance, mass crucifixions, epic paintings, the coliseum and opera, it is only normal to start wandering why did all the creativity seem to go to Italy in certain aspects, multiple bands appear to have emerged from this European country ever since rock and roll was originated, and even before it was even transmitted through electricity, does Niccolo Paganini ring a bell?

Psychedelic Witchcraft Is an Italian based Doom Metal Band which delivers their second album after two thousand fifteen’s debut album Visions. I don’t know if it was such a good idea to listen to this record while cruising in the middle of the night through a road famous for its metaphysical manifestations and witchcraft stories, but I guess the musical experience alone superstitions aside, is worth a fright or two. My choice for a favorite item in this record is the voice of Virginia Monti assuming an astonishing figure behind that enigmatic voice, watching the official video for “Come a little Closer” had me binded by the spell harder than ever before

A combination of new and old in a musical amalgam crowned by the magical ensemble created by the voice of the enchantress along with its stark entourage. Released on the first month of this year through Soulseller Records, Magick Rites and Spells promises to deliver future works of this quality for the lovers of the occult in Rock n’ Roll and Heavy Metal. The lyrics of “Come a little closer” caught up with me in the way that I could only begin to imagine what drives a true witch to live astray from all moral values and social restrictions to become free to be true to the self and the instinct without boundaries, maybe that is the true sense of magic or Magick after all.

The low frequencies engaged in this low vibration display of enchantments wrapped around the voice of the Doomstress leading this creative homage to one of the most memorable decades in Rock n Roll history will take you on a journey to carry on the darkest path of the forest, following the voice of the witch in order to be taken away into the eternal slumber of liberation from the earthly binds that allow superior spirits to manipulate the most basic and earthly beings.

Well in the field of Doom Metal, PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT offers an example of the result that came after almost fifty years of a tradition that was born with the mechanically mutilated fingertips of Tony Iommi adjusting to a low tuned guitar sewn together with Geezer Butler’s terror themed lyrics to introduce horror into Rock n’ Roll, the life of this band can only carry on after this exclusive release for old and new bon fans alike, themed along with the production quality deserved by soul driven Rock and Roll evoking what most fear to approach, the blueprint of how to become one with creation and knowing how to manipulate it as well as the instruments in the hands of this performers.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Come a little closer
2. Godzilla
3. Set me free
4. Wicked Dream
5. The Dark Lord
6. Angela
7. Lying on Iron
8. Black Magic
9. Slave of Grief
Virginia Monti - Vocals
Riccardo Giuffrè - Bass
Jacopo Fallai - Guitar
Mirko Buia – Drums
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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Edited 05 July 2022

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