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Psychic Hit – Solutio

Psychic Hit
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 July 2021, 8:38 AM

Oakland, CA based Hard Rockin’ Proto-Metal sweetheart band, PSYCIC HIT, was formed in 2017 by guitarist Andrea Genevieve and Vocalist/Violinist Ariana Jade. Having met through the thriving Bay Area Rock ‘N Roll network, the tenacious pair began to dream up a project that fused their wide-ranging tastes in music. What resulted was a band that would combine the raw power of early JUDAS PRIEST and SCORPIONS, with the melodic sensibilities of FLEETWOOD MAC.

Their latest offering here titled “Solutio” contains six tracks. “California Burnin” leads off the album. It opens with a tough riff and is reminiscent of the 1980’s. The vocals are OK, but nothing special. I do not hear much in the way of melodic sensibilities. The lead guitarist also leaves a little to be desired. “Constallation” is a longer song, that begins with another overly simple riff. The main riff does remind me of early JUDAS PRIEST, both in the guitar tone and the melodies. The extended drum solo section is powerful but is not enough to make up for the general lack of musicianship here. As it slows towards the end, it really gets stuck in the mud.

“Left for Dead” is a quick four-minute song that features yet another simple riff and guitar solo. The fuzzy bass notes can be clearly heard, which I like, but she follows the melody line too closely and doesn’t really branch out and show her skills much. “Livin’ On” is a quick three-minute blast. Again, the riffing is elementary, as is the guitar solo. “Orocovis” opens with slow and fuzzy bass notes, and some light percussion. It has a mysterious sound in the beginning. Then, it picks up in speed with some keyboard notes. The ending is a crescendo of mostly dull sounds, but Ariana Jade does stretch out her vocals a bit.

“The Hands of Fate” closes the album. It begins with clean guitars and then develops into a steady gallop of guitars, bass, and drums. The guitar harmonies are quite thin. Overall, this was unfortunately a fairly sad and uninspired album. As musicians, they leave a little to be desired. The riffs are trite, and it begs the question…why bother trying to re-create a scene already created and mastered years ago? This is fit for the garbage can in my opinion, and I actually can’t believe this band is signed to a record label.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 2
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. California Burnin’
2. Constellation
3. Left for Dead
4. Livin’ On
5. Orocovis
6. The Hand of Fate
Ariana Jade – Vocals, Violin, Synthesizer
Andrea Genevieve – Lead Guitar, Synthesizer)
Melanie Burkett – Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jake Palladino – Guitar, synthesizer
Justin Divver – Drums
Record Label: Seeing Red Records


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