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Psychollywood – Self-Titled Award winner

by Cory A. Jones at 14 February 2012, 12:55 AM

I knew Poland had to have some kind of Rock / Metal output, and I’m glad it came in the form of PSYCHOLLYWOOD. I must admit that my expectations were low judging by the band’s name. You see, it’s another one of those compound band names using the words “Psycho” and “Hollywood” which automatically makes me think of one of those cheese ball Goth Punk bands like the HORRORPOPS or something like that. Thankfully, I’m wrong. PSYCHOLLYWOOD is actually a solid Heavy Rock band that sounds quite similar to ALICE IN CHAINS, but has a difference in sound that I found to be quite fresh and cool.

Their self-titled debut album might well be this band’s “Appetite For Destruction”, no I’m not joking. Think about it, what “Appetite” did for a believed to be outdated form of Hard Rock in a fresh and stylish way made it work incredibly well. It also was a solid album of wall-to-wall great songs that absolutely defined Gn’R’s sound perfectly. Now, while I don’t consider PSYCHOLLYWOOD to be the new Gn’R, their debut album strikes me as being everything that “Appetite” was in 1987.

The band sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS decided to quit being a Grunge band, and took a few pages from the books of ROB ZOMBIE, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, and 90s METALLICA. At least, that’s what it sounded like to me. The important thing was that the entire album was good. Actually, I found this to be an unusual case of an album that starts of decent and then keeps getting better. At least until you get to “Revelations”, which is where the album loses some steam. Even then, it never lost my interest. It wouldn’t break my heart if the record was 10 minutes shorter though.

My personal favourite tracks on this were “The Desert”, “Quantus Earthquake”, and “Delovely Hypnotised”; and that’s picking winners out of winners. Now I will shut up about good the album is because I don’t want to kiss ass too much. I do have one major complaint though; where the fuck are you supposed to buy this album? The good news is that it looks like you can download it for free off of their Soundcloud page. And while that’s awesome, I think it sucks ass that there doesn’t seem to be an official package version of this record. This is an album that will be a great play in your car or in your stereo. I guess you could always just burn a copy, but screw that. This album has a really cool cover. I want the package, man! I’d buy the album and I already have the free copy. Good records should be available in tangible form! Whatever the case might be, get this record and dig the shit!

4 Star Rating

1. Accelerated Dreams
2. The Desert (Sublime)
3. Twilight Geisha
4. Painted On My Skin
5. Before
6. Quantus Earthquake
7. Black Fly
8. Delovely Hypnotized
9. Revelations
10. Boarderline
11. Gone
12. Exile Waltz
David- Vocals
Krzyżak- Guitars
Mike- Guitars
Ian- Bass
Stiw- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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