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Psychomancer - Inject The Worms Award winner

Inject The Worms
by V.Srikar at 09 August 2015, 10:25 AM

The genre of Heavy Metal offers so many varieties that one can easily get lost in the journey a sub-genre like Brutal Death Metal can offer, especially if it’s constantly flirting with Old school Death Metal, you got one of a kind album. It feels like ages since I reviewed a Death Metal album and am glad when I’m finally doing it. So we got Michigan City, Indiana Death Metal merchants PSYCHOMANCER with their debut EP “Inject The Worms” coming back after a long hiatus before which they had released 2 full lengths.

I’m not sure if it’s because they started out way back in 1998 or this is the way their music itself is, but the sound is very raw and sounds simply old school amidst the brutal blast beats of Death Metal sound the men generate. Clocking just under 30 min, the EP starts with a 6 min song in “In Shackles Insane” which has fast paced riffs followed by the blast beats and the thick nasty growling vocals periodically. The vocals really stands out due to the sharp high pitched sound that is created, leading to a dark atmospheric feeling especially due to the sharp riffs along it, and not to forget the giant laughs that vocalist Bullard Duston has than can easily scare the shit of a high school adult. “Just Another Victim” gives more goosebumps than any nasty rollercoaster is capable of. Parts of the song reminded me of SUFFOCATION, though PSYCHOMANCER has its unique sound. The title track “Inject the Worms” brings in more variety by shifting tempos in a structured manner though the vocals does feel like being lost a bit in the production. “Bastards Burn” for which the band shot a video brings in some slam kind of riffs which are not bad at all and actually sound great with the overall music that the band creates here. The longest song on the EP clocking 6:13 min “Abhorrent Wings of Decay” starts with a melodic guitar work creating a soothing atmospheric feel before the expected heavy sound comes into play, though the body of the song isn’t as impressive as I had expected it to turn out as the song sounds too vague and chaotic for my ears and doesn’t live up the expectations set by the EP until now, and even the melodic parts in the middle fails to save the song. The EP ends with decent song (I hate to say that, because it’s neither too bad nor too god) in “Chant of the War Demons” which gives all the right feelings of the album as I stare at the album artwork as I blast this song out of my headphones.

Released this April 7th,“Inject the Worms” is a wonderful EP for all the seasoned Death Metal fans, and will tempt you into digging their previous work of 2 full lengths. The EP packs lot of juicy and energetic riffs to keep the listener interested all the way through even with some of the aforementioned issues that the EP has. Pick this one.

4 Star Rating

1. In Shackles Insane
2. Just Another Victim
3. Inject the Worms
4. Bastards Burn
5. Abhorrent Wings of Decay
6. Chant of the War Demons
Bullard Duston – Vocals, Bass
Corey Blckstad – Drums
Curt Hutchison – Lead Guitars
Bradley Heidom – Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Orchestrated Misery Recordings


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