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Psychomancy - Divine Archetype

Divine Archetype
by Justin Joseph at 22 September 2021, 4:29 AM

Newly formed Columbian Progressive Metal outfit, PSYCHOMANCY recently released their first full length album, titled, “Divine Archetype”. Even though the genre of this band has its roots embedded within the earth of Progressive Metal, the waters that soaks the soil comes in different forms as you will see throughout this review as the band itself offers a spiraling sonic experience.

First positive which unveils itself to the listener and also can be considered the backbone of this release is the symphonic elements…if the album were to be anatomized , it would consist of three factors, the symphonic components, the barebones instrumental aspects ( strings and percussions) and vocals, however while the standard formulaic approach may be having a song birthed from a lingering riff or musical pattern, it seems in this instance with PSYCHOMANCY, the overall song structure was crafted from the conjoining spirits that make up the symphonic sections, in other words, the music becomes the vessel for the melodic aura to inhibit and breathe life into such body. Now…what about these elements that make this album standout you ask? The idea on paper may seem rather convoluted, as there exist characteristics that draw from the well of various inspirations, such cosmic, space-like sounds intertwined with cyberized electronic undertones with a wind of middle-eastern consonance that ebbs and flows within the musical construct. You may be pondering, “Any band could sling together a couple of obscure sounds on a synth…doesn’t make it special” and you may be absolutely right, but the difference is that these harmonies aren’t meshed together in order to sound pretentious or evoke a façade of ominosity.

Tracks such as “Zenith” and “Nation on Fire” are examples that utilize a concoction of melodies to conjure an operatic-like experience that is grandiose in design, what is appreciated here is that the undulating flow of the mixture of elements that integrate into one another becoming one body, but also dispersing into separate entities depending on the emotional wave that ripples through the song. Picture an ancient treasure box which has tasted eons of ages against its withered exterior, but inside holds a myriad of untold secrets, once the chest is opened, the essence of what is inside collapses and interweaves into one, even though each spirit may speak a different language, motion becomes their mother tongue as they conform to each other’s shape. “Vimana” is a track which exemplifies this as the symphonic elements morph into several forms that ranges from soothing to sometimes aggressive in nature…like a painter whose brush strokes may convey the emotions that are at bay, so too does the atmospheric melodies are harnessed by PSYCHOMANCY.

If the symphonic variables were the paint that gives color towards the sea of emotions, the strings and percussion would be the canvas for which to absorb the ink and not tear against the weight of the brush. The guitars and drums work in a cohesive manner churning out notes that are akin to Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Metal, in the same way the orchestrated attributes serpentize into obscure forms, so too do the guitars and drums follow in trail, “Dead Tree” and “The Hidden Key” are songs which showcase this harmony of all factors interlacing into one medium. However, while all musical aspects are excellent, the only minor negative that presents itself would be the vocals….now the vocals on its own singular ground is quite good, as a low death register is used here which feels like rage that has festered from an ember to an inferno residing within the chest. But the negative here arises in the vocal delivery combined with the ever-changing symphonic elements that contort to the plethora of moods …..The vocals however just remains there…still, in other words it never follows the stylistic approach of the other components on the album, and this here in my opinion prevents this release from being perfect. But does it hinder the listening experience? No, not quite…the criticism comes from the fact that the album is GOOD and there is much talent portrayed here, so naturally one would expect the best from the output achieved. That being said, overall, this is still a rather solid album that one can discover and rediscover layers within the soundscape sculpted.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. EON
2. My Faith
3. Zenith
4. Nation on Fire
5. Destiny
6. Vimana
7. Dead Tree
8. Exiled
9. The Hidden Key
Fernando Luna-Composer
Lucas Fernandez Roldán -Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 01 December 2022

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