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Psychostick - IV: Revenge of the Vengeance Award winner

IV: Revenge of the Vengeance
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 10 December 2014, 3:22 PM

Ol’ Big Daddy here really loved this album!

These insane maniacs of Tempe, Arizona (USA) of PSYCHOSTICK really can be described as “When Marx Brothers meet Hardcore and Metal”. Their fourth album, “IV: Revenge of the Vengeance” is not only a very tasteful album of music, but as well is a medicine for a bad mood. Yes, you’ll not only have good music, but as well will laugh ‘till your entrails ache.

The label they use is Humorcore, but they can be called as well as Comedy Metal. We can barely see a fusion of Metal and Hardcore music with hilarious elements from many styles. And no, they respect no one, spare no one, always making fun of all in sight. They fuse great vocals (some more melodic, some more harsh), very good riffs, and a rhythmic kitchen. And let Ol’ Big Daddy here say a thing: to play this way they play, to have excellent musicians is a demand! And be prepared, for their music is an addiction!

An almost perfect sound quality is presented by Joshua Key, Patrick Murphy, and the band itself, with excellent tunes on all musical instruments, and of course you’ll hear all the instruments clearly. The cover is very good, like an advice for those who thinks that Metal and humor cannot be gathered together (as Big Daddy thought until few months ago): stay away, or you’ll be in risk with your convictions.

But take this risk!

The entire album is excellent, no doubt about that, but you’ll not stay stopped at the same place when songs like “Obey the Beard” (great riffs and vocals, and the lyrics is about the trend of beard guys. Be prepared), “President Rhino” (very good tempo changes, great choirs, and it’s a homage to their mascot, Rhyno, that is on the album’s cover), the hilarious “Dogs Like Socks”, the Hardcore adrenaline of “Quack Kills” (with very good bass guitar and drums, but be aware when they speak “quack”), the almost romantic “Blue Screen” (a heavy ballad, with good calm moments and more heavier ones, but the lyrics could make Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have strong and deadly heart attacks), and the tremendous and satirical “NSFW” (great technical, but it’s hilarious. Hear and try to not laugh yourselves to tears). But you can hear any of the tracks, and you’ll get hooked for sure.


5 Star Rating

1. Revenge of the Vengeance
2. Obey the Beard
3. President Rhino
4. H-Flat
5. So. Heavy.
6. Dogs Like Socks
7. Super Legit OFFICIAL Teaser #2 Explode
8. Quack Kills
9. Blue Screen
10. NSFW
11. Danger Zone
12. New to the Neighborhood
13. Loathe Thy Neighbor
15. Choking Hazard
16. Fight to the Death
17. Bruce Campbell
18. Trick or Treat
19. Dimensional Time Portal
20. The Power of Metal Compels You
21. Outtakes IV: The Outtakening
Rob “Rawrb” Kersey – Vocals
Josh “The J” Key – Guitars, vocals
Matty J. “Moose” Rzemyk – Bass, vocals
Alex “Shmalex/The Boy” Dontre – Drums
Record Label: Rock Ridge Music


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