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Psycroptic – Ob(Servant) (Reissue) Award winner

Ob(Servant) (Reissue)
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 July 2015, 9:52 PM

There are times when mutations into Death Metal really surprise your Ol’ “Big Daddy” here a lot. These are times when evolution is doing its due, showing its force, and making Metal go to the future. And there are bands that are very strong to follow such path with no fear. And who dares, wins, so we can say that Australian band

PSYCROPTIC is a winner, and this reissue for “Ob(Servant)” comes in a good time. Technical Death Metal is what they play, with very good doses of adrenaline and some influences from modern sonorities in some aspects. But don’t get wrong ideas, for this album of something extremely brutal and hooking, even having a good technical approach of each instruments (some of the guitar riffs are really surprising), but the music is the most important thing on their work. So, do not wait for a Death Metal version of most Prog Metal bands. Great harsh vocals (good grunts and shrieked screams), fantastic guitar riffs, and what a wonderful rhythmic session created by bass and drums!

This album is really an addiction!

Our ears are granted with a very good sound quality, that even having an abrasive insight to give their musical strength, it’s clear for us to understand what they are playing, and what the band wants from their music.

This album is a shrapnel in service of Metal, spreading musical bullets to all sides and sparing no one in the way, so songs as the oppressive and harsh “A Calculated Effort” (merging slow and fast paced tempos to create something brutal, with very good vocals and drums), the hooking and explosive “Slaves Of Nil” (by the gods, what wonderful riffs and vocals!), the punch in the stomach called “Removing The Common Bond” (a fine exhibition of musical violence, technique and great work on bass and drums), and the long and technical “Initiate” (that starts sinister with some melodic chords, the chaos explodes, with some mid tempos and other fast ones, in a great performance from all the band members).

Yes, this album is a fine reissue.

4 Star Rating

1. Ob(Servant)
2. A Calculated Effort
3. Slaves Of Nil
4. The Shifting Equilibrium
5. Removing The Common Bond
6. Horde On Devolution
7. Blood Stained Lineage
8. Immortal Army Of One
9. Initiate
Jason Peppiatt – Vocals
Joe Haley – Guitars
Cameron Grant – Bass
David Haley –
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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