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Pteroglyph - Death Of A Prince

Death Of A Prince
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 September 2017, 11:32 PM

It has never been easy, life I mean. No matter how much there will be illustrations of states of mind, inner feelings and personal thoughts, it will show only a portion of the human complexity. When laying down personal experiences into form of songs, the chances of connection with each listener are for the better, identifying with the journey taken as the music flows. I have always been a fan of the medieval and sci-fi, nonetheless, the human equation, which is so diverse and unique for each person, can take on shapes and forms that would draw much attention, at least once in a while. The convergence of ideas inside the mind of the British musician / multi-instrumentalist / composer Jimmy MacGregor might never end, which is good for us as he will keep the engine running for his ambitious project PTEROGLYPH, a meeting of sides of his soul, each with an aspiration to gather control. Coming in with a new album “Death Of A Prince”, Mr. MacGregor asserts his stand within the war going on in his burning mind.

With the gathering of influences within the spectrum of the modern form of Progressive Metal, MacGregor planted the roots of “Death Of A Prince”, ushering the multifarious aggression and technical merits of GOJIRA / STRAPPING YOUNG LAD / DEVIN TOWNSEND / MESHUGGAH while also not putting aside the melodic atmospheric enchantments and musical ornaments, which colored the vast majority of the album’s chorus sections. Thus, MacGregor created a variety of voices and whispers, at will screaming out as a shell within the challenging set of tracks that engulfs aspects of Math Metal, Djent and Metalcore, transfigured between the lines of progression.

Though maintaining a definite technical posture, the songwriting is still song oriented, converging into melancholic, almost Gothic to a certain extent, choruses, delivering a tuneful harmonic voice that is immensely soothing to listen to. Nonetheless, taking part in the heavier ends of “Death Of A Prince”, MacGregor impressively rips and shreds with crushing riffs of the modern kind, growling his story for all to listen, setting a higher standard as part of a growing direction of the genre. The change of seasons portrayed in nearly each song is astounding, as if it is so easy, by a flick of the switch. The sorrowful self-titled tune “Death of a Prince” made the first true impact, a song combusting from heaviness, depicting a massive flow of emotions under a veil of aggression, yet encompassing the drama with its staggering chorus. The closing argument of the album, “Heavy Casualties”, entailing by a strong title, draws the witness further down into the darkened crypts of agony, marches the listening experience into its peak moment, as the song’s buildup reaches its climax, a similar sensation as if a volcano has just erupted. No doubt that it is a result of a well thought act, and a cause for admiration.

I can also recommend the opening tune “Left Blind”, “Deceit of Choice”, the exponential instrumental excitement depicted in “The Wanderer” and the manipulating imagery within “Komplex”. “Death Of A Prince” is a deep dwelling in humanity’s essence, all different and strange but with a few basic features of equality shared. Whether modern fans or not, this piece of sophistication should be reckoned.

Purchase Link: Pteroglyph

4 Star Rating

1. Left Blind
2. Unaccountable
3. Deceit of Choice
4. Red on You
5. The Wanderer
6. Death of a Prince
7. Komplex
8. D.O.D
9. Heavy Casualties
Jimmy MacGregor - Vocals / All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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