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PTSD - A Sense of Decay

A Sense of Decay
by Samantha Lynn Ham at 23 May 2013, 4:21 PM

PTSD itself is truly a talented group of men who can rush you with anger and aggression in one song, yet follow that song with something that can reach you at a higher, or deeper emotional level with their new album "A Sense of Decay". I have come across quite a few bands over the years that can pull this off. And then I have come across another bunch that can’t. At first listen, I found nothing about PTSD really struck me as anything new or innovative. But, in the name of fair, I waited for a while and played the album once more. Though I did not find this to be a world shattering new concept, I found that I did enjoy it more once I gave a second go.

One of my personal favorites on "A Sense of Decay" is the tenth track, “Heavy On My Heart”. I felt that this song had much more emotion and passion poured into it. I could feel the music surrounding me and speaking to me in a way none of the other songs really seemed to. And that has nothing to do with it being a cover, but more the way Henry Guy sings that reached out to me. Like there was something actually heavy on his heart, something that singing into that microphone could and would relieve. It was as if he was reaching out to grab on to the fan, and connect with them.

This is definitely not a bad album, and a third listen would be likely. But I wouldn’t say that if I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring five CDs that this one would even come close.

I enjoyed many more tracks from their debut album "Burepolom" quite a bit more than this album. As I said before though, they are a very talented group of men. Between their two albums, they have proved their worth in the music world.

2 Star Rating

1. Event Horizon
2. A Reason to Die
3. Parasomnia
4. Staring the Stormwall
5. Suicide Attitude
6. A Sense of Decay
7. Breathless
8. Solar Matter Loss
9. By a Thread
10. Heavy on my Heart (Anastacia cover)
11. …….If?
12. Event Horizon (Forgotten Sunrise Mix)
Henry Guy - Voices and choirs
Yorga - Lead Guitars
Jason - Rhythm guitars
Logan - Bass
Marco Minnemann - Session drums and percussions
Lancs - Live Drummer
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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