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Pungent Stench – Ampeauty (Reissue) Award winner

Pugnent Stench
Ampeauty (Reissue)
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 July 2015, 10:03 PM

PUNGENT STENCH’s really needs no presentations at all if you’re into Metal for some years. This band is a legend into Death Metal underground for their earlier works, as the albums as 1990’s “For God Your Soul… For Me Your Flesh” and 1991’s “Been Caught Buttering” can prove. As well as some interviews where they said that they really didn’t hear extreme Metal bands on those times (just Rap and Hip Hop music), and I’m not complaining about this, just speaking the facts. But they now are gone, but their albums are here for us to hear and remember those good times, and for young Metal fans to understand the entire construction of Death Metal. And this reissue of their last album, “Ampeauty” comes in a very good time.

Originally released in 2004, when the band was about to end its activities, and in their creative peak, with a lot of Rock and Roll and Blues touches on their still extreme and heavy way to play Death Metal (but far away from their must known works). You could say that it’s a Death-’n’-Roll form of playing Death Metal. But if label this album is not something easy, to hear it is something great, to hear these grunts on vocals, these abrasive and strong guitars with a bluesy/Rock and Roll feeling, and this bass and drums making a very heavy work. Yes, PUNGENT STENCH, even dead, has a lot to teach, even now.

The production was done by Martin Schirenc, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, and he mixed and mastered the album was well. So we can say that he find the way that the album must sound, with this quality good to understand the musical instruments, but heavy and with that essential dirtiness that their music deserves. A cleaner quality would take down all the band’s musical efforts.

The band dark humor is on each one of their tracks, and I dare to say that “Ampeauty” is their finest moment, where all the elements of their identity are on the table. And songs as the heavy and abrasive Death-’n’-Roll “Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)”, the abrasive “The Amp Hymn” (great riffs and grunts like Lemmy usually does), the bluesy and heavy “Got MILF?” (you can feel the same strength from Heavy Metal of the 70s here on the whole song), the perverted humor on the abrasive “Apotemnophiliac” (with some lovely tempos and a fine work on bass guitar), and the strong and old way “Same Shit - Different Asshole” (a more traditional song for their extreme Death Metal style).

This is a fine reissue, and PUNGENT STENCH is a band that needs to get back to the front as soon as possible!

5 Star Rating

1. Lynndie (She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib)
2. Invisible Empire
3. The Amp Hymn
4. The Passion Of Lucifer
5. Got MILF?
6. Human Garbage
7. Apotemnophiliac
8. No Guts, No Glory
9. Same Shit - Different Asshole
10. Fear the Grand Inquisitor
Martin Schirenc – Vocals & Guitars
Fabio Testi – Bass
Rector Stench – Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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