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Pungent Stench - Ampeauty (CD)

Pungent Stench
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 23 August 2004, 7:55 AM

A well respected band in the underground scene and legendary too for those who have a more bizarre ('perverted' would suite better) approach to music and reality in general, is the Austrian Pungent Stench. You could easily wonder how could it be possible for a band that's signed to a leviathan record label like Nuclear Blast, to have an underground status as I mentioned. Well, a short glance at the band's lyrical persistence and albums' artwork will surely point out that these aren't exactly what someone could call ''selling points'' and they can surely pilot you straight to the band's attitude.
So, what is this all about? Though they are most of the times described as another Grindcore act, I don't find this term effective and enlightening at all. In my humble opinion the band performs Death 'n' Roll and that's quite (the least) obvious. They've got great Heavy/Doomy riffs and their rhythms are very groovy and offer plenty of headbanging for those charmed by gross sound.
One thing that clearly distinguishes is the compositional complexity. The band doesn't just throw a bunch of riffs and support each song in a main idea. On one hand, they've got a full sense of essence, but on the other they don't hesitate to write down multi-structured songs that contain acoustic rotations. Of course there are also more straight edged ones like The Amp Hymn and Same Shit-Different Asshole which along with The Passion Of Lucifer and Fear The Grand Inquisitor really stand out from this album.
Pungent Stench is a great, really fuckin' heavy band. They know for sure how to compose impressive and interesting songs and even if you're not really into the band's verse, you can't deny the fact that their music rocks! I recommend this album to those who thirst for some HEAVY music and enjoy neck-breaking riffs (who doesn't?). The sophisticated ones should point their mouse to another review. All the others just follow Pungent Stench to hell 'cause that's were they're going…

4 Star Rating

Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)
Invisible Empire
The Amp Hymn
The passion Of Lucifer
Got Milf?
Human Garbage
No Guts, No Glory
Same Shit - Different Asshole
Fear The Grand Inquisitor
Martin Schirenc - Vocals & Guitars
Marius - Bass
Alex Wank - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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