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Purgatory - Apotheosis of Anti Light Award winner

Apotheosis of Anti Light
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 01 June 2022, 1:17 PM

During the second half of the 90’s, some forms of Death Metal earned Thrash/Black metal elements, creating a different model in Death Metal, that one that became popular due the works of ANGELCORPSE. And showing that even veterans can evolve and keep relevant in the middle of younger bands, the German quintet PURGATORY is back for another round with “Apotheosis of Anti Light”.

As written above, it’s a form of extreme Death Metal plenty of influences from Thrash/Black Metal acts as SODOM (during the age between “In the Sign of Evil” and “Persecution Mania”), KREATOR (during “Pleasure to Kill” days) and DESTRUCTION (on “Sentence of Death” and “Infernal Overkill” times). And it’s not a shame to say that they share the same musical ways of ANGELCORPSE (especially on “Exterminate” days) and VADER, but always with their own personality. It’s massive, hard as steel and full of energy (like unleashing an H-bomb on the ears of the fans), and with a very good technical insight. What’re you waiting for to enjoy it? “Apotheosis of Anti Light” was recorded at Musical Massacre’s Studio, having Lukas Haidinger and the band working on the recordings, and the mastering was done by Patrick W. Engel. The sonority is really very good, aggressive and bearing excellent aggressive instrumental tunes, but allowing the band’s music to be understood.

“(We Declare) War” (a fast song with a brutal energy flowing of its lines, with massive and brutal guitar riffs), “Accused, Sentenced and Buried Alive” (that shows some oppressive rhythmic contrasts based on the very good work of bass guitar and drums), “The Moaning of Dismal Halls” (a massive Thrash/Death Metal energy comes from its harmonies, especially during the slow moments), “Deny! Deny!! Deny!!!” (the contrasts between grunts and screams is great in the sharp and straight-fold song), “God Loves None of You” (this one has some parts that fits in traditional Death Metal models due to the rhythms, but be prepared for immensurable brutality), and “Pantheon of Slaughters” are the right ones for putting a drilling screw in the brains of the listeners. In other words: if the reader is an extreme Metal fan, they for sure will like this album.

It’s good to hear that PURGATORY is still here, releasing and album as “Apotheosis of Anti Light”, and to teach to the younger generations some lessons.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. (We Declare) War
2. Accused, Sentenced and Buried Alive
3. Ropes Iin November (Samhain’s Curse Part III)
4. The Moaning of Dismal Halls
5. We Where Forced Astray
6. Deny! Deny!! Deny!!!
7. Expectato Solis
8. God Loves None of You
9. Pantheon of Slaughters
Dreier - Vocals
René Kögel - Guitars, Vocals
Wolfgang Rothbauer - Guitars
Nico Solle - Bass
Lutz Götzold - Drums
Record Label: War Anthem Records


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