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Purple Dawn - Peace & Doom Session Vol. II

Purple Dawn
Peace & Doom Session Vol. II
by Craig Rider at 22 April 2022, 6:33 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PURPLE DAWN; signed via Electric Valley Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Stoner/Doom Metal, on their sophomoric, full-length album entitled: “Peace & Doom Session Vol. II” (released March 11th, 2022). Since formation in 2019; the trio in question have only 2 full-length albums entitled: “Peace & Doom Sessions Vol. I & II” in their discography so far…the second volume of which I am introduced to, the first being a live album while the 2nd being the debut full-length studio album - which is interesting to me. Anyway, 7 tracks ranging at around 40:37 - PURPLE DAWN arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Stoner/Doom Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this groove-laden riff; this immediate BLACK SABBATH empowerment reigns on with vibrantly potent fuzziness, fuelling a dense frolic on rampantly rompy buzz and boisterously bouncy galloping within “Bonganchamun”. This caveman bellow barks with shouty raspiness from gnarly bass audibility from Patrick Rose, also on those raspy yet throaty vocal cords, implementing a dirty grime as filthy distortion swamps speakers with acid-driven execution. “100 Years A Day” injects an infectiously primitive stridency to it, elementing with snarly rhythms & sturdy thuds that belt a clobbering frenzy in a borderline foundation on punchy weight amongst a concretely gritty finesse, barraging eardrums with rumbling reverberation while trembling virtuosity quintessential towers with thumpy synergy to boot. Timo Fritz on the rip-roaring guitar distributes a dexterously dynamic stability to it, as killer but grindy laceration mobility shreds with raw tonality.

This organic substance on sulfurous yet meaty remedy surges with volatile zeal within “Old Fashioned Black Madness”, as choppy heft bulldozes heads with seamless battering from hammering drummer Florian Geiling”. As rambunctiously stompy precision slams strikingly with steely pursuit while scouring melody tramples bodies into a frenzy of technical ecstasy, amplified adrenaline swerves with vivacious snares & shrieking tones which rivet with monolithic tempo for good measure. Nothing but chunky weight & thumpy flamboyance fabricates at a distinctively distinguished chug in catchy exuberance, as “Power To The People” revels with this jazzy dance flow while those grunty cords create a vigorous panache on unique vehemence, on top of those profusely robust songwriting tenors that tremor with venomous mist to boot.

Motoring revs tear up with sublime ramifications; merging rapidly swift nimbleness, amongst a chiseling attribute in arbitrary crescendos and impactful impulses on tremolo effects craft an enriching listen in desolated eeriness for sure. “The Moon Song” is a 10 minute spectacle which sets the mood off with this slow down brio until more harmonic contortion and captivating chimes bop heads with tuneful ability, as trailblazing solos outburst with sonic upheaval until this symbolic verve adds a atmospheric but majestic vibe to it. Before bringing it all back with wildly rushing sharpness, where those bulldozing guitars flicker with momentous yet ritualistic strife. Until the penultimate banger “Death To A Dying World” brings back a forge of deadly haze and rampaging stampedes that belt at a bruising flair on ruthless but hypnotizing buoyancy, as a mesmerizing trance spellbinds one with these otherworldly patterns of smokey-stocked rigor.

The musicianship instrumentation is rough, thick and filthy but also elegantly exquisite. This kind of gloominess certainly needs that, while using progressive maelstrom tactics and hybrid experimentation conduct a strong potential of radically wicked yet flexibly fundamental slabbiness on solid symbiosis to boot - in which PURPLE DAWN proficiently prescribes. The overall concluding basher “Bonganchamun Part II” starts off as the record did begin, as those wrathful but blisteringly brutal howls arm a brimming overdose on healthy intensity and immersively blinding bestiality that makes one want to go berserk in no time.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that PURPLE DAWN most surely outdone themselves with “Peace & Doom Session Vol. II”, an enjoyably entertaining experience of smothering psychedelia & sweltering sludginess on grungy, Iommi-esque riffage that would make old school veterans of the Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal subgenres proud. Worthy of spinning & replaying a good few times, and it is also surely something most fans in metal will relish in, do check it out - the Bonganchamun awaits!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bonganchamun
2. 100 Years A Day
3. Old Fashioned Black Madness
4. Power To The People
5. The Moon Song
6. Death To A Dying World
7. Bonganchamun Part II
Florian Geiling - Drums
Timo Fritz - Guitars
Patrick Rose - Vocals/Bass
Record Label: Electric Valley Records


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