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Purple Nail - Red Sky

Purple Nail
Red Sky
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 July 2018, 11:11 AM

PURPLE NAIL is a female-fronted Melodic Gothic Metal band from Sweden, founded in 2008, by Hellsinki and Voodoo. The band released their debut in 2013 titled “Night Lights.” The following year saw the release of “Embrace the Dark.” When vocalist Lady Crow departed shortly thereafter, the band began what seemed to an eternity searching for a few vocalist. With Loella now assuming lead vocals, the band self-recorded and release their newest album here titled “Red Sky,” which contains ten tracks.

The title track leads us off, with some melancholy electronica and solitary guitar notes. Loella’s vocals are terse at first, but she reaches for some range as the track moves along. She sings quite well and fits in with the suspenseful and somber tone of the music. The steady pulse of keys is the glue that holds things together here. “Fever Dreams” is next. Piano notes provide the opening melody, followed by a slow and very heavy guitar riff, thick and full. The verses feature vocals mostly as the instrumentation remains subdued in the background. The weighted riff comes back in and just after the chorus.

“Something About You” opens with a hypnotic guitar pattern and the cautious thump of bass guitar. The chorus is rich and full, with some sad tones that create that feeling of longing that both stings and leaves you hungry for more. “Burst in Fire” has a commanding opening, built from a hearty riff and steady vibrations of keys. Loella sings about what it is like to take repeated hits, but not wavering in your resolve. It’s one of the heavier tracks on the album but without sacrificing any of the wonderful melodies. “Beneath the Surface” opens with ominous, echoing keys and a mysterious chord pattern that leaves you undecided if what is to come is of the light or of the dark. The great part about this is that the sound never commits one way or another, and thus keeps your attention the entire way through.

“Velvet Blue Sky” has a full sounds that reminds me of HIM at times. Beautifully depressive, it’s like watching the last of fall’s leaves drop to the ground and the cold chill of winter makes its first appearance. “Stranger” opens with somber keys and no less of an alluring charm. The vocals are thick with emotion, as the coming of a stranger can be unsettling for some but welcoming for others. Or, from the stranger’s perspective, what it feels like to pass by people and never receive a glance. Something about this song really dug deep into me. Very well done.

“October” is perhaps an audio depiction of one of the best months of the year, for those who live in a seasonal climate? Loella talks about it being “so beautiful.” It’s a slow moving song, giving you pause for reflection and being able to soak in your surroundings without the burdens you normally carry. “Break You” closes the album, talking about how the world can break you if you’re not strong enough. The message is send from both doleful keys and earnest vocals, urging you to stand up and carry on.

Overall, it’s clear that the band has the line-up they were waiting for to release the album, because everything melds together with ease, almost as if the band had been together for years. I couldn’t think of vocals in any other style serving the music as well as they do here. The album establishes a dreamy landscape that liquefies, allowing it to soak into you as you become one with their world. Pensive, contemplative, and mystical, “Red Sky” is a journey into your inner self and spirit.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Red Sky
2. Fever Dreams
3. Something About You
4. Burst in Fire
5. Beneath the Surface
6. Velvet Blue Sky
7. Stranger
8. Dominate
9. October
10. Break You
Loella – Vocals
Hellsinki – Guitars
Asmodeus – Bass
Voodoo – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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