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Pursuing The End - Symmetry Of Scorn Award winner

Pursuing The End
Symmetry Of Scorn
by Stephanie Hensley at 22 July 2013, 1:17 PM

With a unique blend of heavy melodic Metalcore, Dance, Pop, and some Symphonic elements, PURSUING THE END has returned with a full length album that is both very interesting and surprising.  When giving the album an initial listen, at the first few notes I had to double check that I had cued the correct artist. Having been of the notion I was reviewing a Symphonic Metal album, things just didn’t match up. What I would soon find out was that yes indeed, I was listening to PURSUING THE END, and there were plenty more happy surprises to come.

Based out of Parma, Italy, PURSUING THE END  was formed in 2010. With influences and backgrounds ranging from electronic, extreme metal, and classic to name a few, the band members had a wide variety of elements to bring to the group as a whole. Their first EP, "Dawn Of Expiation", was released in 2011 and with that they quickly gained attention.  From that four track EP, two tracks were released on other compilations; "Kill City" (USA) and "Mondo Metal" (ITALY). Building from that initial release, a second EP was released in 2012 titled "Withering". The visual arts influence would finally be seen in the music video for the title track "Withering", written and directed by Mike Lunacy (Dark Lunacy). Though it contained only three songs, "Withering" already showed the band was growing.

As they had done with their second EP, PURSUING THE END  continues to build on their foundation of heavy melodic Metalcore with "Symmetry Of Scorn".  This new album boldly shows they are not afraid of branching out and adding touches of other genres into the mix. Bits of Electronic, Dance, even Pop are intermingled throughout the album and somehow it manages to work, quite well in fact. Soaring mezzo-soprano vocals by Chiara Manese dual with guttural harsh growls of Giacomo Benamati.  Not to be left out, the guitars of Rinaldi and Pipitone battle it out as well.

The Electronic, almost Techno opening of "The Last Truth" might have eyebrows raised if unfamiliar with their work. Never fear, the metal kicks in quickly and all is right in the world. Here begins the “beauty and the beast” vocal contrasts with the soft styling of Manese and harsh death vocals by Benamati. Drummer Gregorio Ferrarese never misses a beat on the whole album, and though he is great on this opening track, he gets even more brutal as the tacks continue. "Something Remains" hits the ground running with even more intense drum work. A bit of clean vocals are offered up by Benamati on this track, though showcased even more with "In Vain". Electronic, Pop, and Symphonic elements heat up on "Changes", an aggressive and intense end to the album.

Keeping a melodic Metalcore foundation, PURSUING THE END  adds elements from the world of Pop, Dance and features of the band's previous works as well as symphonic melodies. Their impressive first full length album, "Symmetry Of Scorn" is due out August 2013, with a video for "Cage Of Hypocrisy" on July 28th.

4 Star Rating

1. The Last Truth
2. Something Remains
3. Cage Of Hypocrisy
4. From The Ashes
5. In Vain
6. Merciful Vengeance
7. Human Revulsion
8. Out Of Control
9. Symmetry Of Scorn
10. Changes
Giacomo Benamati - Vocals
Chiara Manese - Vocals
Davide Rinaldi - Guitars, Lead Guitars
Thomas Pipitone – Guitars
Luca Cocconi – Bass
Gregorio Ferrarese – Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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