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Pus Vomit - Stoned To Death Award winner

Pus Vomit
Stoned To Death
by Dorothy Cheng at 31 January 2014, 7:47 PM

The Asian invasion is a real thing – bands like CHTHONIC, RUDRA, and LOUDNESS are proof that while they’re still not as big as their European or American counterparts, Asian bands certainly have been gaining attention these past few years for their grittier, more extreme sound.

The above bands are from Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan – countries that have a strong affinity with Western culture. But one of the East’s longest American colonies, the Philippines, has been featuring in the metal scene since the 80’s when Thrash Metal first exploded – thanks to DEATH ANGEL. So naturally, Filipino bands have a very big act to follow, retracing the gargantuan footsteps of DEATH ANGEL but at the same time, striving to hone their own uniquely Filipino sound.

Asian bands tend to be more brutal and extreme with their music, whether it be because the scene is largely still underground, or because of socio-economic reasons, no one has been able to pinpoint yet. But the fact is, if you’re tired of sensitive and sensible mass-produced metal from US and Europe, you turn to Latin America, Africa, and Asia, right? That’s where all the heavier stuff is from! And PUS VOMIT, a Filipino band waving the Death Metal banner, are all out to prove that.

PUS VOMIT’s new EP "Stoned To Death" is your typical Asian underground Death Metal export – it’s so heavy and brutal it’s like NAPALM DEATH on crack. Bands from this region tend to have that same crusty, raw formula to it with dark, buzzy production that adds to the overall evilness of it. I think one of the reasons bands from this region are slowly gaining appreciation from the rest of the world lies in their authenticity. I’m not saying these guys are authentic Bay Area shit area, I’m talking about their attitude and philosophy in regards to their music.

Listening to PUS VOMIT, you just know that this is the kind of band that doesn’t fuck around. They’re serious as hell about their scene, and they channel all that bursting energy into raw performance that’s debauchedly gritty and in-your-face. The aggressiveness and violence of their music is accented in every frantic drum beat, every rushed riff, every depraved growl… the vitality is uncontainable and ultimately, cathartic.

Of course, music like this is never easy to listen to. If you’re the kind of Metalhead who appreciates musical subtleties and understatement, this might be a difficult listen. Because these guys don’t do understatement – they are overkilling it all the way (in a good way, if you like extreme Metal). Those of you however, who appreciate all the Gore genres in their full, cannibalistic, evil glory -PUS VOMIT will be a breath of fresh air for you with their complete lack of bullshit. This is one of the more extreme records I’ve heard, but it was good fun every minute and I highly recommend it for anyone who’d like to get their brains blasted out by music, which is to say, all Metalheads.

4 Star Rating

1. Delusions Of The Insurgency
2. Stoned To Death
3. Secrecy through Murder
4. Doctrines of Manipulating Slavery
5. Legacy of Destruction / *Your Dead Body I Molest
Benji Miranda - Vocals
Louie Bitaña - Guitars
Ryan A. Quiray – Drums
Record Label: Berdugo Records


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