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Pussies on the Dance Floor - Pussies on the Dance Floor Award winner

Pussies on the Dance Floor
Pussies on the Dance Floor
by JoJo Rocket Queen Hamilton at 22 December 2019, 4:04 AM

PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR are a 5 man band from Munich, Germany. The band are a bold, bright sexy & fun explosion of raw passion & sex appeal as standard, who have some tremendous introductions to the fans about the band members! Quite possibly the most wild and sex appeal orientated band since MOTLEY CRUE! To Give a sample of each as an idea to the fun & flirty style of the band, I will provide a small quote about each band member. Leo Goldenvoice Lightning - “Leo is just a damn sexy guy in leggings”. Ray The Brain Dance Floor - “Once raised The Duracell Ray Bunny is unstoppable”  (The Duracell Bunny was an advertising campaign mascot for the top selling longest lasting batteries around).

Taylor Riff - “Taylor has perfected one handed play to keep the beer hand free, you never know when there will be something to drink again.” Phil Fastfinger Fyre – (re his guitaring) “unprecedented emotion and speed that can only be explained by robot implants from 2069”. Tom Smashing Timber - “Sexiest drummer alive”.  The guys are loud and proud with a POISON style wardrobe leading to one more quote from Leo’s introduction - “Lets make Glam great again!” This gives us a peak at the band. The self titled album “Pussies On The Dancefloor.” This is a band all the metal ladies must see! Not to mention anyone who’s a fan of 80’s Glam Metal style & MOTLEY CRUE’s sex appeal & sexually orientated songs then these guys are a must!

So here are just a few of the songs to listen out for on the self titled album from the 14 awesome tracks on the album.  The song “Stupid Old Child" is a loud and proud song with the bands unique and well styled & performed music, accompanied by Leo’s truly “Goldenvoice” calls you in. Song number 3, “Lick It Up & smile”, has just got to be heard! A true eye opener for those who want to taste the bands sex appeal in the lyrics. Funny, sexy & entertaining as hell it a class track you’ve got to listen out for! My personal favourite song from the 14 on the album is song number 5, “For The Rest Of My Life”, it has to be THE most sexually charged but at the same time the most romantic song from a man to a woman ever written! The lyrics are both beautiful & on fire with passion at the same time giving us a very unique song that could be used for a weddings first dance (if the celebrating crowd are ready for romance & smut together).

An absolute MUST hear of all the songs on the album. I’d point this song out as the highlight of the album “Pussies On The Dancefloor”. One last teaser for you is track number 10, “Granny Panties”.  Yes you read that right. “Granny Panties” opens with those robotic 2069, one hand free for beer, Duracell bunny’s powerful mix of guitaring mixed with the sexiest drummer alive with a gentle ballad style pace to give way to that special Goldenvoice carrying in the top notch lyrics like a band of demons raised from Hell to bring sin to the world, and doing it rather well, its a song to keep your ears open for.

This has to be my all time favourite album to have reviewed and I will be a firm & dedicated follower of PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR from this day forth! I’d say if you don’t check this album out your missing a solid treat musically as well as lyrically not to mention vocally! For metal heads who like a fun fast & sexually charged like a 900v battery pack, you simply must sample this album & I guarantee you will not be disappointed Written, performed and produced so well this album comes together as one that will live on like “Girls Girls Girls” still does. Not a bad vibe in the album to note & no complaints from me! Grab a listen and enjoy as much as I have!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Big Balls
2. Stupid Old Child
3. Lick It Up And Smile
4. Naughty Boy
5. For The Rest Of My Life
6. She’s A Vamp
7. Pussies, Take Them Everywhere
8. Send Me An Angel (Cover)
9. Cherry Pie
10. Granny Panties
11. Edge Of The Dawn
12. Where Are My pants
13. Tell It To My Heart (Cover)
14. Pussies On The Dancefloor
Leo “Goldenvoice” Lightning – Vocals
Ray “The Brain” Dance Floor – Bass
Taylor Reef – Lead Guitar
Phil “Fastfinger” Fyre – Guitar
Tom “Smashing” Timber – Drummer
Record Label: ZoundR Records


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Edited 01 June 2023

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