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Putrevore – Tentacles Of Horror Award winner

Tentacles Of Horror
by Mike Coyle at 05 February 2016, 8:57 AM

PUTREVORE are a Death metal band that utilize themes based around Gore and Horror. PUTREVORE first started back in two thousand and eight with their first demo entitled “Promo 2008”. From there the band paved way for their first full length release “Morphed from Deadbreath” and after taking four years from recording the band would return with 2012’s Macabre Kingdom. Two years on we would see PUTREVORE record a split with the band “Putrefact” consisting on the song “A Cold Grasp in the Night”. A year after the recording on said split the band have now returned in 2015 their next full-length, “Tentacles of Horror”!.
We star this record off right, with the track “These Caverns Breed Filth”; from the start we are already given a look at what we can expect from the record so far in terms of sound quality and musicianship as the song starts off fast and ready to annihilate. The track has a very bold sound and is able to bring together the best of their idea of Death metal while still bringing the old school in their sound; for this band so far we can already expect the record to bring out some intense riffs and chaotic control in terms of the bands musicianship as a whole. Although the band is only a two-piece, Dave and Rogga bring out the best in each other’s capabilities and giving way to some really smart ideas to which leads us to the next song I feel really embodies these elements: “Gable Window Portal Pt.1”.

This is by far one of the best examples of this bands ability to write aggressive and powerful songs to a point which shows us that, with PUTREVORE, we have a lot going on in this melting pot. The pace of the track is slow in certain parts, which help us see the band building on top of it to then later release a fast and relentless force that truly embodies the capabilities of these two muso's. Both of these musicians have been able to create a track that really hits the mental strings to a high point giving the listener an experience that is really unmatched in terms of creativity and violence. I really feel that along with this song, its counterpart, “Pt. 2” continues this force of aggression in the same, suitable way.

I feel that the record as a whole has a lot to offer fans of every branch of the Extreme Metal tree, giving fans an idea as to how songwriting can help to build and create something that is spontaneous, without any way of knowing what is going to come next while at the same time being able to keep a very traditional outlook on the Death Metal sound. PUTREVORE have been able to create their own story in the book of brutality and will hopefully continue to carry on this chapter until the very end.

4 Star Rating

1. These caverns breed Filth
2. Unspeakable Madness beckons
3. Gable window portal pt.1
4. Gable window portal pt.2
5. Through the Vortex to Aeons past
6. The Rotten crawls on
7. Hyperborean dreams
8. A maw surrounded by Tentacles
Dave Rotten - Vocals
Rogga Johansson - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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