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Putrified - Sacrilegious Purification Award winner

Sacrilegious Purification
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughty at 20 December 2013, 2:17 AM

Strait from Stockholm comes the awesome Death Metal band PUTRIFIED. PUTRIFIED like BURZUM, is a one man project in the studio. This already sets the bar high. As a death metal band they are everything you would expect them to be, with fast drums, heavy riffs, and dark wicked lyrical content. Overall "Sacrilegious Purification" is very well put together. It kept me head banging the whole time I listened to it.

As far as composure goes, this album meets the standards. All the songs flow smoothly, with plenty of transitions. It is not a cd that will bore the listener. The drum work is nice and fast, and a bit technical where it needs to be. The drummer certainly does a great job at keeping the time as well as keeping the constant Death Metal brutality. The guitar work is brutal with just the right, slight mix of melody. This album was not melodic enough to be considered Melodic Death Metal, but just enough to really “polish” the sound.

Vocals are all harsh, and that is fine. The lyrical content is as morbid as you want, and a bit on the wicked side. Of course I personally love it. Deep heavy death metal should be morbid and evil. A.Death has a wonderful growl. The harmony is right on. Every element is there and right on queue.

Compared to other death metal bands, PUTRIFIED makes the grade. With their brutal, awesome music and dark lyrics; they are everything you would want from a Death Metal band. I recommend them to any Death Metal fiend; they will keep the head moving. This group is simply awesome. 

5 Star Rating

1. Sacrilegious Purification
2. Pestilentialis
3. Sacrificial Death Salvation
4. This Poisoned Chalic
5. Evocatio
6. Sacred Pirification
A.Death - All Instruments & Vocals
Record Label: Hellthrasher Productions


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