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Pyogenesis - A Century In The Curse Of Time Award winner

A Century In The Curse Of Time
by Chelsea Jennings at 08 October 2015, 1:21 AM

PYOGENESIS is an Alternative Metal band from Stuttgart, Germany. Their latest album titled "A Century In The Curse Of Time" came out earlier in 2015 via AFM Records.

PYOGENESIS have created a psychedelic-feeling album with the concept to it of how the invention of the machines have altered the life of humanity in the 20th century. It all starts with the first track "Steam Paves The Way The Machine" states that no one has been able to determine where the invention of the machine will go in the last century, and fast as technology is moving, no one dares to determine where this might go in the next century, either. At some point things will all come crashing down but the are sure to get so much more advanced before that is a possibility.

"A Love Once New Has Now Grown Old" brings up how people are now only starting to get sick of this constant increase in technology, which is really reaching very scary levels. People have always loved and hailed new technology that was coming out, but now some people are starting to realize that we may be going too far. This can only get so advanced before it all comes crashing down. Some people are fearing that this day is coming closer.

"This Won't Last Forever" states that the entire human-machine we are building will not continue to rise forever. We will reach a peak, and it will collapse from there. When we will hit this plateau no one really knows, but it will happen, and we will pay the price for it. And that price will be huge! Some how, some day this entire planet will be taken down by demons and beasts from other dimensions. Humans will understand that some day there is someone or something out there greater than humanity. That is certain.

"The Best Is Yet To Come" simply states that before this crash of humanity, that better things will come first! Humanity will rise to higher levels of great, and continue to improve themselves before the entire thing comes crumbling down. We have to enjoy these days and strive to make ourselves the best we can be to stand up to what comes in the end. It may be what saves our own human race. It's a positive, inspiriting message telling humans that we have some say in our future and our demise, but that we must be the ones that control the fate of our own race.

"Flesh And Hair" are two things that surely will burn to ash in the end, but have to rise up first to make our human race great as we possibly can. "The Swan Kings" are the group that must be the ones to save humanity from the future demise of our race. These songs are played with positive, upbeat background music to illustrate that we can control our future and make it clear that we have a better future ahead than the past has been.

PYOGENESIS have a great psychedelic-metal sound to them that leave a message with us that we have created a monster with the machines we have made in the last century. We have no idea where this will lead humanity in the future, but at the same time we have a chance to redeem ourselves before we are completely ready to meet our demise. If we act responsibly and appropriately, we may yet change our future for the better. It's up to us to do it!

5 Star Rating

1. Steam Paves Its Way To the Machine
2. A Love Once New Has Now Grown Old
3. This Won't Last Forever
4. The Best Is Yet To Come
5. Lifeless
6. The Swan Kings
7. Flesh And Hair
8. A Century In The Curse Of Time
Flo Schwarz - Guitars & Vocals
Peter Rutard - Guitars
Malte - Bass
Wolle Maier - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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