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Pyramido - Saga

by Keith "Zirra" Ham at 12 February 2014, 4:57 AM

I’m certainly no stranger to the stylings of Swedish Sludge act PYRAMIDO. Not to say I’ve followed them since their 2007 Demo but, being as I’m a huge fan of sludge and doom, I’d caught their most recent efforts through my constant trolling of the internet - well mostly recent as the band seems to churn out releases (especially splits) like a sweatshop churns out shoes. But, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally been able to sit down and experience what PYRAMIDO truly has to offer with their newest album “Saga” - their abundance of releases certainly doesn’t dilute what they have to offer at all.

So, compared to what I’ve last heard of PYRAMIDO (around their “Salt” album) - what you hear on “Saga” is a little different. This time around, more ‘Hardcore elements exist (not enough to bring it away from a sludge classification though). Songs are just a bit shorter, keeping a mid-pace rather than falling into some swirling doomy descent like more minimalist sludge-bands. However, with tracks like “År av onåd” you get that classic feel mixed with some serious emotional quality. I don’t know what it is about “År av onåd”, maybe the slow whine of the guitars or the crushing bass - or both, but something within the music evokes a certain feeling of hopelessness (though not melancholy). I would, certainly, have to say it is by far the best this album has to offer. Though, that certainly doesn’t mean that any other part of “Saga” is bad.

Certainly, “Saga” is great - especially if you are a fan of what PYRAMIDO has put out in the past. However, their hardcore influence might turn some people off - I do find it strange that this is mixed with Sludge, of all things, but I also think in this case it works. 

3 Star Rating

1. Varje steg är ett snedsteg
2. År av onåd
3. Fosie
4. Klockrike
5. Ingen människa är en ö
6. Tiden är kommen
Ronnie Källbäck - Vocals
Henrik Wendel - Guitars
Dan Hedlund - Guitars
Dan Bengtsson - Bass
Viktor Forss - Drums
Record Label: Heart & Crossbone Records


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