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Pyre – Chained to Ossuaries

Chained to Ossuaries
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 10 May 2020, 12:10 AM

The unholy sledgehammer of Death Metal focused on its traditional and raw sound. PYRE tongues rose up in May of 2011 in St-Petersburg, Russia. After a little demo PYRE recorded four songs for the first EP “Ravenxous Decease” which was released as 12" vinyl by Blood Harvest Records in spring 2012 and a bit later on CD by Assault-Crew Records (RUS), on cassette by Maltkross Records (FRA) and Underground Resistance Records (TUR). Since then, they have produced one full-length album, back in 2014, “Human Hecatomb”. This is now their second attempt at a full-length album, lets hear what they have done.

Impaler the Redeemer” kicks off in style. The pulsating drums, for me, is never a bad start. The vocals match the intensity and aggression. The tempo isn’t constantly flying, but just as you think it has dwindles, there is a spark once more from the guitar. It’s a strong song, full of a great melody that never fades enough to dull the song “Wreath of Crucifix” continues the old Death/Thrash style mix up that the previous song flirted with. The tempo is not electric, but the aggression is similar to  how we have heard many bands before trying to emulate DEATH, this one isn’t quite there, but that is mot a bad thing, this is still a great sounding song. The song does feel like it could have expanded more, but ti did well enough within its bounds.

Across the Shores of Emerald Fractals” continues the oozing Death Metal feeling going, the build up from the off works well to introduce a decent melody. The vocals seem to have slowed down though, less aggression, more about keeping the tempo level. The lack of tempo lets the song sink to an almost rut, it never seems to go anywhere, which is disappointing for where it could have taken us. “Ornaments of Bones” starts off pretty much the same as previous songs, difference here is the tempo has seemingly picked up and gone up a gear. This one does go into repeating how many of the others songs have gone, so it is a bit stale in places. It does have a good additional solo towards the end, but it doesn’t go on long enough. There are a few promising elements here that I hope the rest of the songs will implement

Chained to Ossuaries” has a slower intro than most of the others, however, the melodies are still building up nicely. The vocals are once again holding together well, maybe not as livly as the melodies could have matched, but they work out well, especially when it slows down, again. The Thrash element has moved away from the song’s main mixer, it is becoming slower the longer the song goes on. “Crown of Death” keeps with the slower approach, which has become a bit predictable and lacks any experimental ideals. There are a few odd solos appearing, which does add to improving the song and potentially the album itself. The impulsing guitar melodies build towards something in the overall song, the only issue is that it never goes anywhere it just keeps going without expanding a lot.

Disgraced and Dethroned” continues the guitar build u back to a decent Thrash center. The vocals still aren’t quite as fast as they were to start, but the song itself continues to build the solid melody.  The song is one of the better songs to come out of the slower sections. The song picks up the overall tempo in the album, but the songs are nothing like we’ve not heard before. “Antae to the Nothingness” also continues the Thrash style build up, which sound basically the same as the last song, for a while there is no real difference. The long intro gives way to the vocals introducing, but with this the tempo does decline slightly. The song goes away from how the overall album’s tempo and doesn’t go anywhere to making the album as potentially good as it could have been.

Death's Dawn Call” goes back to the slower Death Metal melodies that we heard at the start of the album. The melodies go through the song nicely, although they feel like they could go into a different directions and potentially do more. The end of the album could have done more, but it ends in a sound that sums up most of the album. There is nothing wrong with it. This is a decent album that has many good parts from different perspectives, the sounds are similar to those that we have heard before, so it will go well with many songs you may have on the playlists, but its not setting any fires

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Exordium (Intro)(Instrumental)
2. Impaler the Redeemer
3. Wreath of Crucifix
4. Across the Shores of Emerald Fractals
5. Ornaments of Bones
6. Chained to Ossuaries
7. Crown of Death
8. Disgraced and Dethroned
9. Antae to the Nothingness
10. Death's Dawn Call
Dym Nox – Bass, Drums, Vocals
Roman Rotten – Guitars
Fred Obsinner – Guitars
Record Label: Memento Mori


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Edited 10 December 2022

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