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Pyre - Human Hecatomb

Human Hecatomb
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 30 August 2018, 11:43 AM

Since the end of the dictatorial communist rule in Russia on the end of the 80’s, Metal could bloom in the country (and in all the others who were oppressed). Metal is the speech of liberty, so it can’t exist where freedom is obliterated by dictators. So it’s not a surprise to hear a good band as PYRE setting Russian prairies aflame. This new release of their first album, “Human Hecatomb”, is a fine Death Metal sample. They must evolve, it’s clear for our senses, but their Old School Death Metal way sediment on bands as DEATH and POSSESSED on their earlier (and most brutal) releases, and some influences from European Death Metal School as well. Of course these guys have guts and their musical work is really very good, but they must a bit more of their own personality on their music. It’s not bad at all, but can be way better.

On the sound quality of “Human Hecatomb”, we find something really good. The essential was done: having in mind that they aren’t a Death Metal band from the 80’s or 90’s, they evade the idea of looking for something from those days. The instrumental tunes are raw and seem to be recorded on the most organic form possible, but the whole outfit is clear, done with care. And it’s truly excellent. It’s a very good work from Konstantin Dolganov (who worked on the sound engineering and mixing). The nine original songs of the album have a brutal and aggressive insight that is really amazing. And “Merciless Disease”, the explosive “Last Nail in Your Coffin” (very good rhythmic changes), the oppressive and bitter guitars of “Possessed”, the catchy tempos of “Flesh to Poles” (a Hardcore touch is presented, and even with this simple technique, the drums and bass guitar are creating a charming rhythmic basis), the piledriving insanity of “We Came to Spill Thy Blood”, and the hooking elements of “Disturbia” will cause extreme pains in the necks of the Death Metal fans. And as bonuses for this version, the demo versions of “Far Beyond the Unknown”, “Flesh to Poles”, “Cursed Bloodline” and “We Came to Spill Thy Blood” are available, along with a version for “Nocturnal Hell”, and old SLAUGHTER song.

As I mentioned, they have a great musical talent (if you pay attention on “Disturbia”, you’ll understand what my words mean), so let’s hope that PYRE will have a good producer to point to them the best way to transform their musical potential in an amazing work. And yes, they have enough talent for that!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Merciless Disease
2. Far Beyond the Unknown
3. Last Nail in Your Coffin
4. Possessed
5. Flesh to Poles
6. Under the Death Reign
7. We Came to Spill Thy Blood
8. Cursed Bloodline
9. Disturbia
10. Far Beyond the Unknown \[Demo]
11. Flesh to Poles \[Demo]
12. Cursed Bloodline \[Demo]
13. We Came to Spill Thy Blood \[Demo]
14. Nocturnal Hell \[Slaughter cover]
Dym Nox - Bass, Vocals
Roman Rotten - Guitars
Fred Obsinner - Guitars
Kannib Maledik - Drums
Record Label: Redefining Darkness


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