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Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus Award winner

Gravitas Maximus
by Thomas Kumke at 14 February 2022, 12:40 AM

PYREXIA hailing from New York have a more than 30 years long history in brutal Death Metal, traditional Death Metal, and Groove Metal. They have released one EP and “Gravitas Maximus” is their sixth full-length album. It was recorded at Chapel Sound Recording Studio, mixed and mastered at Demigod Studio. The album has a length of about 25 minutes and it was released via Californian Brutal Death Metal and Deathcore Specialists Unique Leader Records.

PYREXIA have been more active in recent years, considering they had quite long gaps between releasing new material in particular during the 2000s. Three years after releasing “Unholy Requiem”, the new album “Gravitas Maximus” shows that PYREXIA is still a force in the business. As usual, “Gravitas Maximus” is a short, but fierce thunderstorm of brutal Death Metal mixed with breakdowns and Slam elements. The opener “We Are Many” is a merciless pummelling at breakneck speed, powerful and grim guitar riffing, crunching bass lines, blast-beat attacks, and brutal growling vocals mostly at the deeper end of the guttural range. The breakdown dominates the sound during the second half of the track. “Apostles To The Grave” maintains the high intensity, speed, and brutality. In particular, the drumming is relentless and of high technical quality with a mixture of blast-beats and double-bass drumming. There are a lot of tempo changes during the track with plenty of work to be done for John Glassbrenner on the drums.

PYREXIA moves through “The Day The Earth Shook (Survival Of The Fittest)” like a steamroller at a slow and stomping rhythm which delivers a gruelling atmosphere. It is a monster of a spine-chilling track with dark guitar riffing and it is the official video release with the YouTube link given below. “Pawn To King” is another pummelling track at blistering pace with the drumming driving the track forward in combination with the flesh-ripping guitar riffing. The track includes a short, but contributing lead guitar solo, something that is a rarity on the album.

Art Of Infamy” and “Rule Of 2” are two more slow tracks at a head-banging, stomping rhythms with plenty of double-bass drumming, classical Deathcore riffing and breakdowns. Both tracks maintain a high level of aggression, where, particularly in “Rule Of 2”, the guitar riffing is doom-laden and the brutality of Jim Beach’s growling vocals are second to none. “Bludgeoned By Deformity” is a mix of high speed hammering and down-tempo breaks in between. The rhythm is frequently changing and the drumming and bass lines being of high technical quality. The title song finishes the 25 minutes' assault of grim thumping with punishing breakdowns and slams.

Gravitas Maximus” is a demonstration of finest brutal Death Metal mixed with Deathcore and Slam elements. The album contains a smart mix of different tempos, rhythm and texture changes, as well as high quality guitar riffing and a comprehensive technicality in drumming. The brutality in sound is perfectly tailored towards the growling vocals, which is evidence for mature songwriting. The album has a modern production unlike many other albums of this genre. PYREXIA deliver an excellent album with “Gravitas Maximus” and it should be part of the collection of every Death Metal fan.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. We Are Many
2. Apostles To The Grave
3. The Day The Earth Shook (Survival Of The Fittest)
4. Pawn To King
5. Art Of Infamy
6. Rule Of 2
7. Bludgeoned By Deformity
8. Gravitas Maximus
Jim Beach – Vocals
Danny Trapani – Guitars
Chris Basile ­ Guitars
John Glassbrenner – Drums
Shawn Kennedy – Bass
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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