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Pyriphlegethon – Gales of Atrocious Whispering

Gales of Atrocious Whispering
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 04 June 2021, 3:21 PM

PYRIPHLEGETHON formed in Norway in 2014. “Gales of Atrocious Whispering” is the band’s third release. With no info in their EPK, no Facebook page, and no info on their Bandcamp page, I know very little about this band, so we are going to have to let the music do the talking here. “Sing the Devil Song” leads off the album. It’s a brief two-minute mood setter. The mood is melancholy but turning hostile by the end. “The Defiling of Altars” begins with a heavy guitar riff and drumming, and Black Metal shrieks. The guitars build a little bit of melody but the music is full steam ahead.

“A Celestial Storm of Sin” opens with a slower pace. From there, guitar harmonies build slowly, but the pacing of the song remains. “Bless us oh Father of Death” begins with a thick guitar riff but a similar sound as the previous two tracks. I mentioned this in another recent review…the band has to find a way to diversify…to strike some originality in their music. Some deeper grunts come into play towards the end of the song. “Gales of Atrocious Whispering” is a shorter song but played with the same level of intensity as the others. The lead guitars build just enough melody to keep things interesting.

“Death’s Alluring Arms Hold No Secrets” features a slower grind. But I can appreciate the extended ambient passage after the half-way mark. I just really wish there was more of these moments on the album. The charming guitar melodies that come after are just gorgeous. “The Pyre Awaits with Certain Death” begins with chugging guitars and drums, at a near-impossible pace. It settles into a speedy groove from there, with some moments of melody. I’m telling you, just a little more of this sound would really go a long way.

“Where Fire Licks the Nightly Sins” closes the album. It begins with a slow groove and deadly vocals. The sound lingers on, depressing and sad, but with some tones of hope as well. I see two primary issues with the album. Though there is some diversity, too many of the songs sound alike. The second issue is that even though there are some moments of melody, there just aren’t enough to cut the raging vocals and pounding drums. It has potential, but with a little more care, could be a lot better.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Sing the Devil Song
2. The Defiling of Altars
3. A Celestial Storm of Sin
4. Bless us oh Father of Death
5. Gales of Atrocious Whispering
6. Death's Alluring Arms Hold No Secrets
7. The Pyre Awaits with Certain Death
8. Where Fire Licks the Nightly Sins
Maurice de Jong – Everything
Record Label: Kapmes Records


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