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Pyuria - Incarnadine Revelry

Incarnadine Revelry
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 10 September 2012, 6:47 PM

Do you ever wonder why they call it ‘Death’ Metal? Of course not, that’s just silly. Obviously, every song is going to be about Death and dying and getting killed and dead people – or something else tangentially related to any of those topics. Which of course brings us to PYURIA and their newest release, “Incarnadine Revelry”. For those who are curious, the title basically means “A pink, flesh-colored and lively festival”. Definitely something to ponder on….

As Death Metal goes, this is pretty standard fair. I don’t need to say much specifically that wouldn’t apply to a bajillion other Death Metal outfits, so I guess I just won’t and save us all the time. The vocals are grunty and difficult to decipher, as is needed in Death Metal for reason. The guitar-work actually has some interesting notes, as I heard and picked up on some distinctly GORGUTS-y type riffage. For the uninformed, that means unusual, atonal, and very oddly structured works. This is definitely a hit or miss, so be warned. Also be on the lookout for some decently impressive drum work, and theoretically, a bass somewhere (but I couldn’t find it, so they might just be rumors).

Beyond that, everything else all falls into place nicely, like when you drop a can of soda and it miraculously lands right-side up without spilling a drop – isn’t that satisfying? So I imagine something similar can be said of this release. Sometimes it can get downright derivative and boring, but it does have some little gems hidden in there, if you feel like digging away to find them. I’m a lazy cunt who hates everything and doesn’t know what he is talking about, apparently (according to some reactions I have gotten), so I guess I shouldn’t even offer my two cents here – it would just be horrible if someone’s opinion of this band wasn’t validated by my mirroring their own. Yes, I am just telling you to make up your own damn mind.

This is Death Metal, you either love it or you don’t care for it. And as that goes, I would say this release is fairly average most of the time with scattered ingenuity. So, a 6?

3 Star Rating

1. Immolate
2. Eradicate The Parasites
3. Flesh Grotesque
4. Skeletonized
5. I Am Pain’
6. The Enemy
7. Incarnadine Revelry
8. The Dead Will Devour Us All
Oskari Maeki– Guitar
Ville Lahtivirta– Guitar
Matti Like– Vocals
Antti Kauri– Bass
Tuukka Franck- Drums
Record Label: Violent Journey Records


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