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The Projectionist - Visit from The Nighthag Part 2 Award winner

The Projectionist
Visit from The Nighthag Part 2
by Kyle Scott at 02 July 2019, 4:10 AM

Now and then, Canada has to remind us that they are not overly-friendly, syrup-guzzling hockey enthusiasts. They remind us that some of the best Black and Death Metal bands came from their turf; on the vast, snowy plains of the Great White North. THE PROJECTIONIST may be new to the scene (only formed in 2015), but "Visit from The Nighthag Part 2" is already the fourth full-length album under their bullet belts.And the members are far from beginners. Originally a side-project of vocalist Russ "Lord Matzigkeitus" Drury, THE PROJECTIONIST became his main band after quitting IDOLATRY.

Black Metal is written all over these guys. Gently paced kicks and dark, acoustic interludes, THE PROJECTIONIST goes for that timeless Black Metal feeling of waking through an abandoned house in the middle of the night. All kinds of dark critters are hiding in those walls, you know. Lord Matzigkeitus' vocals are close to what King Diamond does for his 'Grandma' voice. His ability to tell a story is unprecedented. From the first track we are treated to the tragic tale of a crippled man haunted by memories of a soulless and terrifying witch creature known only as the Nighthag. The Nighthag makes her own theatrical entrance in the nightmares of her victims in the following "In Dominance Ripe Targets Lay", Matzigkeitus' voice sounding like he prepped for recording by gargling nails.

The stage where colorful characters waltz and wail contain backdrops of ringing cymbals, unsettling growls, and rapid-fire riffs; standard Black Metal tools, but used to their advantage here by pairing an engrossing story to go along with it. And Black Metal always deserves a good baroque goth tale of murder to go along with their music. The distorted orchestra pit adding tension as characters craft ghastly plots of murder. "Visit from The Nighthag Part 2" is a raucous bit of dramatic theatre that would make the plot of The King in Yellow pale in comparison.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. So Tell Me Sir…
2. In Dominance Ripe Targets Lay
3. Release from The Prison of Flesh
4. The Globe Theater
5. Blitzkrieg Kraft
6. Bandages over Boards
7. Weapon Phased Through
Don "Parageist" Atkinson - Guitars
Shep "Destroyer" - Bass, Noise
Russ "Lord Matzigkeitus" Drury - Vocals
Malphas - Drums
Orpheus - Orchestrations
Clytemenstra - Piano
Record Label: Appalachian Noise Records


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Edited 02 October 2022

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