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Quest Of Aidance - Misanthropic Propaganda

Quest Of Aidance
Misanthropic Propaganda
by Pablo Skorupski at 18 July 2013, 12:04 PM

Sweden has always been a fertile ground in what regards to Death Metal. In the south of the country, in the city of Skövde, a few years ago the band QUEST OF AIDANCE was formed, with the premise of making Death Metal / Grindcore with lyrics inspired by Sci-Fi and horror movies and series. We can say that “Misanthropic Propaganda” is a modern-sounding album, very technical and polished, that although it has a cinematographic atmosphere and elaborated melodies, does not lose the aggressiveness and intensity. The topic of this full-length is inspired by “V”, the popular TV series of the 80s.

The influences of QUEST OF AIDANCE can be varied, but soon comes HYPOCRISY as a reference, by the sound and by lyrical themes. The album begins with the instrumental “A New Storm Rising”, an alternative cover-version of the original “V” theme; martial rhythms and sounds generated by synthesizers combined with some riffs, introducing us to the futuristic and post-apocalyptic atmosphere that overflies “Misanthropic Propaganda”.

“Seething Voids” is a powerful piece of modern Death Metal based on classical structures (in the VADER style), with a clean and progressive guitar solo. “Deadly Viral Strain” features over-triggered drums for my taste (although within this band it can be a favorable factor), an asphyxiating atmosphere and the use of samples. Then “To No Avail” incorporates elements of modern Thrash Metal. “Section 34” features melodies close to Progressive Power Metal, a song enriched with some thrash riffs. For its part, “Anyx” is a brutal Deathgrind piece, short and enjoyable.

After “Dimout”, a Death Metal piece with remarkable guitar solos and harmonies, the instrumental “Sothis Allegro” functions as an oasis just in the middle of the album, endowed with classic and progressive overtones. “Red Dust” is another piece focused on the Death Metal / Grindcore style, with a structure in the fastest passages that reminds me to TERRORIZER. “Spawnlayer” and “Like Shadowing Suns” (with some CARCASS from “Heatwork” vibe) are strongest songs in a Death Metal direction; in the midst of both, “Sirian Breed” shines through an intro and an outro which create a filmic vibe, interrupted by a powerful Deathgrind attack which taking speed along the guitar solo. The album closes with “The 5th Column”, which reminds me to HYPOCRISY with a fast guitar solo full of virtuosity, and “Doom Reactor”, whose Death Metal structure is diluted in a quiet musical landscape.

Without being a band that practices a style that I usually hear, I found enjoyable the QUEST OF AIDANCE stuff at the time of writing this review, for his quality and for I recognized his passion behind this whole set of elaborated sounds.

3 Star Rating

1. A New Storm Rising (Instrumental)
2. Seething Voids
3. Deadly Viral Strain
4. To No Avail
5. Section 34
6. Anyx
7. Dimout
8. Sothis Allegro (Instrumental)
9. Red Dust
10. Spawnlayer
11. Sirian Breed
12. Like Shadowing Suns
13. The 5th Column
14. Doom Reactor
Daniel "Daaz" Valström – Vocals (lead)
Christian Älvestam – Drums, Guitars (rhythm), Bass and Vocals (lead and backings)
Christian Lundgren – Guitars (lead)
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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