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Question - Doomed Passages

Doomed Passages
by Adriana "Oculta Noctunra" Marquez at 10 July 2014, 9:40 AM

As seems, the rebirth of Mexican Death Metal scene that once upon a time was quite popular in the early 90's such as bands like TRANSMETAL, CENOTAPH or THE CHAMS has reached.  This wave is apparently reincarnated in QUESTION: 4 guys from Querétaro (MEX) who wish to command the chaos of the new wave of Death Metal throughout Latin America and why not? Globally, keeping the sound and ideology of the old school from its own country and the U.S. death scene like OBITUARY and AUTOPSY influences.   QUESTION is an unusual name for a Death Metal band but that input given its characteristic stamp to what purports to be the band.

Rodrigo González on guitar, Hector Sanchez on bass, Ivan Sanchez on drums and Marco on vocals, who conform the band in 2012-the same year they recorded their demo with 7 songs under the great Mexican extreme label very renowned in the local scene called Chaos Records. This time, under the same label, his first full-length was released on June 09. It’s called “Doomed Passages” containing the song from their first demo “Mournful Stench”.

The first thing to appreciate is the album cover. Unquestionably it has elements of the first wave of American Death Metal with colours typical of a Mexican painting.

The second thing that caught my attention is the language used in their lyrics: an original cryptic language, developed, academics, even as it leaves the typical lyrical death incorporating terms from physics, astronomy, astrology to describe the dark side of things. Also typical of the naturalistic expressions geography, ancient and romantic literature that gives fresh air to talk about Death Metal and dark as well have called them.

Regarding sound we could contemplate its 9 tracks it is an imitation to the basic sound of death of nascent 90's but every one of his songs have a common structure that makes it interesting: his songs start with a basic and low riff but these in turn accrue to find chromatic intervals in the development of their songs to finish with overlapping riffs very complex to run to finish with really brutal tunes. This guitar is well accompanied by a bass which has moments that wish to make a change of scenery followed by drums marks rate of basic way. The lead singer  itself is not novel nuances that make it different from what we are used to in this music scene but quite brutal. Generally speaking in sound guitars stand without us bring some new sound but are well executed and harmonized with a voice that does not have role but not scratch your sound bet. Hands down the guitar excels in this proposal.

3 Star Rating

1. Mournful Stench
2. Nefarious Conclusion
3. Grey Sorrow
4. Through The Vacuous
5. Universal Path Of Disgrace
6. Devoured From Within
7. Sea Of Black
8. …Bitter Gleam Of Inexistence
9. Departure
Hector Sanchez - Bass
Rodrigo González - Guitar
Ivan Sanchez - Drums
Marco - Vocals
Record Label: Chaos Records


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