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Question – Reflections Of The Void

Reflections Of The Void
by Santiago Puyol at 23 September 2020, 7:51 PM

Coming from Santiago De Querétaro, Mexico, Death metallers QUESTION their second full-lenght album "Reflections Of The Void" on July 31st 2020, through Chaos Records. This skilled quintet delivers an eight-track, 36-minute long record filled with ruthless and vicious Death Metal.

Menacing riffing in the intro builds into the main musical theme of opener "The Process Of Dehumanization". A dark and ominous start for the record. Iván Sánchez anchors the shifting structure of the track with his dexterous yet never over-the-top drumming. Mostly pure Death Metal with just a dash of jazzy, softer passages providing much needed respite from insanity. "Beyond Illusions Of Existence" ramps up the chaotic feel of the opener’s faster sections, with an overbearing blast beat attack and cymbal pounding. Another track with a shifting structure, trading in different time signatures and some nasty, groovy basslines by César Tarello.

"Reflections Of The Void" is an album that shifts between lengthy, five-to-six minutes long tracks and shorter melodic vignettes. On the long side, besides the previously mentioned tracks, we also find "First Fragmentation", "A Fate Worse Than Death" and closer "Vacuous Thoughts".

"First Fragmentation" is quite possibly the heaviest track on the album. An unrelenting six-minute sonic assault. It starts right out of the bat and keeps firing in all cylinders for almost all of its length, rarely taking a moment to slow things down. Still a dynamic and complex track, one where the whole band show off their chops, providing a noisy backdrop to Marco Zavala’s mid-range growling. The guitar work remains angular and difficult, finding some time for impressive shredding.

Being more of a mid-tempo headbanger, "A Fate Worse Than Death" is less interested in punching you on the face and more in crushing you in a subtler way. A riff-heavy track with a more meandering structure, allowing for percussive breakdowns, groovy bass runs and some steadier, kind of accessible sections in which Sánchez shows that he can lay down a catchy drum pattern just as well as blasting at full speed. There is a slight Thrash influence in his drumming that pops up a couple of times through the course of the album.

Closer "Vacuous Thoughts" manages to condense elements from all the lengthy tracks giving the record an appropriate finale. César Tarello shines the most on this song, being quite prominent in the mix at several points and adding a slightly jazzy feel to the song. A noisy, screeching guitar solo caps off the song and the album.

The three shorter tracks are actually two interludes and one “proper” song. "Sunyata" lasts less than two minutes and it is mostly an atmospheric clean guitar piece, composed of arpeggi and subtle flanger effects. Meanwhile, "Mysteries (About Life & Death)" is a beautiful full-acoustic piece lasting exactly two minutes and a half.

"Alone With Everybody" goes against the flow being a three-minute song filled with blasting, fast-paced, straightforward Death Metal. It avoids the meandering, shifting structure of the lengthier tracks and although a banger, it is easily less dissonant than other tracks on the album

Overall, "Reflections Of The Void" is a fun and short Death Metal record that manages to keep your attention and is ideal if you are looking for something that goes heavy and to the point to headbang along.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Process Of Dehumanization
2. Beyond Illusions Of Existence
3. Sunyata
4. First Fragmentation
5. Alone With Everybody
6. A Fate Worse Than Death
7. Mysteries (About Life & Death)
8. Vacuous Thoughts
Marco Zavala – Vocals
Rodrigo González – Guitar
Juan Oropeza – Guitar
César Tarello – Bass
Iván Sánchez – Drums
Record Label: Chaos Records


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