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Quiete – Riflessi

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 10 May 2021, 10:58 AM

The project QUIETE (/ˈkwjɛte/ - Italian word for calm, quiet) is an Atmospheric Metal band from Treviso, Italy. It was officially born in 2017, from an idea of Nicola Trentin. In March, drummer Matteo Penzo was involved in the project and their started working on their first EP. The band's first EP called "Eos" was released in March 2018. Now they present their debut full-length, titled “Riflessi,” which contains eight tracks.

“Risveglio” leads off the album. It’s a short, two-minute mood-setting instrumental. It’s features some haunting background ambiance, seguing into “Aurora,” where the sound continues, but with a big, punchy riff and some grandiose lead guitar notes. The drums begin to roll, and in come the vocals, clean at first, then biting and harsh. Around the half-way mark, it slows just a bit, then it picks back up with a menacing tone. “L’attimo” begins with rolling drums and heavy, ominous guitar work. Harsh vocals roar out at you. Close to the half-way mark, the sound drops to just come clean guitars and background ambiance. The chaos soon returns however.

“Madre” opens with some subtle melodies in the guitar work. It’s a fast moving song, fueled by thunderous drums and angry vocals. About two minutes in, and the sound drops, and clean vocals take over. When the heavy riff returns, it hits hard, and the harsh vocals are insane. This waxing and waning are a key feature of the song. “Gocce” begins with tense, dark, but clean tones. The main riff drops, and it brings some melody to light. It’s a shorter song that ends with some charming piano notes. “Samsara” begins with some light hammer strikes and that background ambiance builds. Following a short, aggressive sequence, a clean vocal passage tempers the heavier ones. Again, this ebb and flow are common on the album.

“Autumna” is heavy out of the gates, first with clean vocals, then alternating harsh vocals. The heavy passages are ravaging in nature, while the softer ones flow though you like a breeze on a warm spring day. “L’agguato” closes the album. It begins with clean guitars and some dark tones in the background, and gives you a brief moment of hope. The vocals again alternate between clean and harsh, and those lead guitars repeat. The sound drops for a few bars, then returns with a vengeance, before closing on some ambient tones.

I found the album to be intriguing overall. The Atmospheric elements are obviously a large part of the album’s sound, but it is not at all Black Metal…an associated element that often goes along with the Atmospheric Metal tag. The yin and yang of lighter elements with heavier elements make you appreciate the heavier ones when they come around. I’ve always said that about this style of music. Too much heaviness can weigh down an album in my opinion. What they have here is a nice balance between the two.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Risveglio
2. Aurora
3. L'attimo
4. Madre
5. Gocce
6. Samsara
7. Autumna
8. L'agguato
Nichola Trentin
Matteo Penzo
Record Label: Cult of Parthenope


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