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David Readman – Medusa

David Readman
by Metal Wim at 09 August 2022, 9:29 PM

Sometimes you get a nice surprise. A little while ago I reviewed the quite good album by BLACK EYE, the band on Frontiers Records that was formed around PINK CREAM 69 and VOODOO CIRCLE vocalist DAVID READMAN. The main criticism I had about his vocals is that I felt he was shouting just a tad too much, taking away the emphasis on his amazing voice. That was enough for a friend of mine to send me the promotional copy of “Medusa”. Well, I can really say that he is back, and this time he is positively showing us what he is capable of. The big difference is that this time he is releasing this on his own accord. And after listening to “Medusa” I have to admit that he has been absolutely in the right to have this sent out to the world.

He obviously has listened to my comments (as if!) and made sure that he sings more than he shouts, exploiting his exceptional voice to the maximum. DAVID READMAN has made sure that the music is fast, furious but also melodic and streamlined. Whoever played on this album, I really don’t know. Could find a list, but it is much too long to print here. And concerning the lyrics, they are well thought out and fit the music like the proverbial glove. Like they should. But here you also have my biggest issue with “Medusa”. Even though the production is mint, the pleasure and musicianship are excellent and the achievements by all outstanding, it is missing something. The songs are very good, but not as impressive as the ones of BLACK EYE. They all sound rather standard, are quite predictable and seem to be missing the element of surprise. And that is a pity, as the rest is actually almost perfect.

So, there you have it. I do think everything has been done to the highest standard, but if the songs written and recorded would have been as good as on the BLACK EYE album, I am sure that you would have seen some tens out of 10 on my ratings list. Now he scores just below that. Confirming the fact that I believe that this still is quite an enjoyable and pleasant album. Unfortunately for DAVID READMAN, just not one that has me on the edge of my seat. Maybe a lesson for the next time? Because in spite of my reservations, I would there to be a sequel to “Medusa”. If there is, I do hope DAVID READMAN will blow my socks off. I thoroughly believe he has the quality to do just that.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Madame Medusa
2. The Fallen
3. Generation Dead
4. Turned To Black
5. Shelter From The Storm
6. Change The World
7. Mary Jane
8. Children The Thunder
9. Summer Wine
10. King Who Lost His Throne
Vocals: David Readman
Guests: Many
Record Label: Independent


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