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Khanus – Flammarion

by Brian “Metal” Morton at 19 August 2018, 6:07 PM

Formed in Oulu, Finland in 2015 comes KHANUS and their first full length album “Flammarion”. Their lyrical themes range from shamanism to folklore. The opening song “The Serpents Harvest” is a wonderful cover of a DARKTHRONE song. I definitely feel like they added something to an already perfect song. Meltiis does a phenomenal job on vocals in this one.  “A Timeless Sacred Art” is astounding between Sovereign on Bass/Guitars as well as vocals and LordT on drums. The guitars have just enough chug and I absolutely love it. Another thing I really appreciate about this album is the fact all the songs are pretty long.

“Titan Souls” has a slower groove feel to it as well as the intensity I would expect from a Death Metal band. The chorus is pretty amazing as well “I stand eye to eye with Those of the fire The Titans The Shamans The High Priests” it has a very nice ring to it. “Ageless” starts off with a druid style chanting which is always awesome in metal. It reminds me of one of my favorite bands HEILUNG. This track is epic as fuck and is one of the best on “Flammarion”.

“The Uncreated” is slightly different from the previous songs as its more upbeat. The lyrics to this song are really well written. I love the line “Our experience of suffering Limiting, problematic and reinforcing Recognize the origin trans-personal and archetypal”. “Secular Spiritual Existence” starts off really slow for about a minute and forty seconds and then out of nowhere boom, deep chugs and growls. This song was really well composed and is another great song on the album. “Surrupu” is the second to last song on “Flammarion” and is the shortest in length at just under four minutes. The anger can be felt in the down tuned guitars as well as the drums. Sovereigns gutterals are pretty deep compared to the rest of the album. This is probably my favorite on the album.

The Final song “Magick and Numbers” is pretty damn epic. It starts off with deep riffs and an awesome backing chorus. I fell in love with this song from the moment it started. The line “Understand A change is needed On a societal level in consciousness within ourselves” really hits home. All in all this album was great and I had a blast listening to it from start to finish. It’s hard to believe they are such a new band because they sound like they have been at it for many more years than they have. Looking forward to new material in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Serpents Harvest (Darkthrone Cover)
2. A Timeless Sacred Art
3. Titan Souls
4. Ageless
5. The Uncreated
6. Secular Spiritual Existence
7. Surrupu
8. Magick and Numbers
Sovereign – Bass/Guitars/Vocals
Meltiis – Vocals (Female)
LordT – Drums
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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