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Rage Nucléaire - Black Storm of Violence

Rage Nucléaire
Black Storm of Violence
by Julius “Dreadheart” Mikkelä at 21 July 2014, 3:28 PM

‘First of all, Fuck You!’; that’s how the first track off Montréal, Canada’s RAGE NUCLÉAIRE’s second album “Black Storm of Violence” starts.  In a way those few words describe the full spectrum point and purpose of this album with such ease; this is a single-minded soundtrack to total destruction and blind hatred, so prepare for annihilation.

Musically, RAGE NUCLÉAIRE plays a Grindy form of Black Metal that laughs at the concept of stopping, slowing down or changing their relentless attack-only format; it’s like listening to the onslaught of a machinegun accompanied by occasional artillery strikes and the screams of dying men. When you have an experienced team with members from MARDUK, CRYPTOPSY and FROZEN SHADOWS you sure have the ingredients to create some real mayhem. On top of this it seems that, interestingly enough, RAGE NUCLÉAIRE has decided to walk away from the distorted sound of their peers to pursue a clearer-sounding recording, which in my books is always a massive A+.

However that’s where my praise for this album ends. Because as much as I enjoy a good, relentless Black Metal assault as the next guy, there comes a point in “Black Storm of Violence” that will make even veteran Black Metal listeners think, ‘I’ve heard this before, something is lacking; where’s the rest?’ There is nothing else here except that, although decently impressive in its own right, repetitive non-stop grind.

Sure, they play around with some Progressive nuances on “Goddess of Filth” and they provide some Technical variations on odd occasions throughout the album, but apart from that the content is recycled and never improved upon. In all honesty, for an album that’s supposed to be an expression of rage and hatred, it does come out a little toothless in the end simply because the music lacks, well, rage. It’s an onslaught that numbs the listener rather than inspires further bloodshed, and for a one trick pony like RAGE NUCLÉAIRE’s “Black Storm of Violence”, that’s detrimental to its value.

Now it’s an improvement over “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”, especially thanks to the improved sound quality, but it’s still a far stretch from being anyone’s soundtrack to annihilation frenzy. It’s only for those who distinctly want a single-minded Black Metal grind, and even they can find better than “Black Storm of Violence”, which continues RAGE NUCLÉAIRE’s path of underwhelming creations and wasted potential – because we know these guys can do better than this.

3 Star Rating

1. Annihilation Frenzy
2. A Sino-American Chainsaw War
3. The Deadfall Triptych
4. Goddess Of Filth
5. Ritual Murder – And Its Attendant Blessings
6. Le Grand Mal De Vivre
7. Revel In Bones
8. Black Storm of Violence
Alvater - Compo, Keyboard, Bass, Sampling
Dark Rage - Compo, Guitars
Lord Worm - Vocals, Lyrics
Fredrik Widigs - Drums
Record Label: Seasons Of Mist


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