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Rage - Seasons Of The Black

Seasons Of The Black
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 July 2017, 11:32 PM

When a mind is burning with ideas, there is nothing in the world that can stop it to keep on going, maybe the apocalypse, yet I might be even wrong about that. I got a proof right here that no matter how veteran you are in the business, once you have a brainstorm, there is no telling how fast you will be producing something new, even if you still have fresh material that is still being strongly promoted, needless to say supported live. It might sound like a cheap cliché, as it was done so many times in the 80s, however, we are not in Kansas anymore are we? And without further ado, hats off to the German, can they still be called as a whole German band? Power / Speed Metal band RAGE for the newly release of “Seasons Of The Black” just a little than a year since their previous album, “The Devil Strikes Again”. And yes you guessed it right, through Nuclear Blast Records.

It seemed amazing to me how RAGE were able to put the pedal to the Metal with “Seasons Of Black”, as if channeling their anger and darkened nature through nearly an entire release, taking out the “The Tragedy Of Man” epos. This new album is a biter, feisty, speeding the demon, fierce and I might even render is as brutal in the band’s standards. On the other hand, along with their survey of Thrash and Speed Metal in their material, there was still enough attention to their 80s and 90s legacies, preserving the melodies and the classic riffs that enriched the songs. Marcos Rodriguez, for instance, emerged with an addictive set of riffs and divergent soloing, which both sounded so natural and in place in an album that came to wreak havoc. Furthermore, I noticed a wicked side of Peavey that I can’t really remember when was the last time when I listened to RAGE, he sounded so rough, as if about to explode any minute. I rather liked it as it also took me further down the road to the 80s albums, minus the high pitched voice he once had.

Other than the formed saga of “The Tragedy Of Man”, which in general was a compelling experience of a somewhat different songwriting style for RAGE, especially if comparing it to the recent albums, “Seasons Of Black” is a mere strike force, rampaging in a straightforward manner with what appeared to me as traditional songs, reaching the altitude point of the chorus and sailing with solo power moments. Honestly, for RAGE, more than that just won’t fit in their approach. “Serpents In Disguise” devoured me, such intense energies, relaying the mixture of 80s and 90s Heavy / Power Metal riffery, turning out to be a catchy tune driven by chaotic madness. “Septic Bite” produces a heavy weight chunks of meaty riffs, almost felt like a basic form of Thrash with a modern sounding guitar, eventually it converged around being memorable. “Blackened Karma”, a right decision for a video, emphasized once again that RAGE can well do without Victor Smolski as well as their undying ability to achieve great melodies around their blackness. “Justify” out of “The Tragedy Of Man” displayed an emotive track, on the course of being dramatic, breaths the same air as some of the band’s previous hits, virtually scours through its heritage. Highly recommended: “Season Of The Black”, “Walk Among The Dead” and “Farewell”.

Honestly, there were better RAGE albums when compared to this here release, nevertheless, this trio still got it in their experience and wits to create a profound Metal album that won’t let you down.

Purchase Link: Nuclear Blast Records

4 Star Rating

1. Season Of The Black
2. Serpents In Disguise
3. Blackened Karma
4. Time Will Tell
5. Septic Bite
6. Walk Among The Dead
7. All We Know Is Not
8. The Tragedy Of Man - Gaia
9. The Tragedy Of Man - Justify
10. The Tragedy Of Man - Bloodshed In Paradise
11. The Tragedy Of Man - Farewell
Peter "Peavy" Wagner - Lead vocals / Bass
Marcos Rodriguez - Guitars / Vocals
Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos - Drums / Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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