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Rage - Wings of Rage Award winner

Wings of Rage
by Neil Cook at 05 February 2020, 3:08 PM

German outfit RAGE have an impressive pedigree, dating back to 1984, becoming RAGE in 85 with their first album “Reign Of Fear” released in 86.  With an impressive back catalog of too numerous to mention releases under their belt, Peavy Wagner and this latest iteration of the band, a classic power trio release their latest slab of rock “Wings Of Rage”, an impressive collection of genre crossing thrash, power and symphonic metal, a true blend of their history.

Kicking off with a suitably eerie horror infused opening track “True” a real hybrid track wit growled thrashy vocals with a HELLOWEEN like power metal passages and chorus. Really strong opener. Blasting into “Let Them Rest In Peace” follows a similar Euro power metal, great rousing chorus and the grunts oooh yes! “Chasing The Twilight Zone” opens with a few bars of the TV shows theme tune and then chugs along on a thundering riff into superb guitar solo, and finishing as it started with the distinctive TV theme tune fading out.

“Tomorrow” is an uplifting song with a positive message, built on some really impressive fret work from Marco Rodreguez. Title track “Wings Of Rage” Keeps up the pace and the quality, again with that thrash/power blend.  How does a song with Rage in its title pack such a positive message. The next passage, has the longest name on the album, but is really just a interlude/introduction to the 2nd half of the album. Next up, “A Nameless Grave”, the first symphonic track on the album. A real nice change of pace, showcasing Peavy’s voice in particular, but Maniatopoulos’ drumming on this track, is excellent.  Oh and lets not leave out the soaring guitar work from Rodreguez for that matter. I think I like this track!

“Don’t Let Me Down” manages to bring all the three styles together in one melting pot of a song. Again I feel I have to stress the underlying positivity to these songs. The end of this sone leads straight into “Shine A Light”.  A bombastic change of pace, as close to a ballad as you are going to get. A melancholic song, but still built on hope. However low it gets, someone will shine a light in your darkness to guide your way. “HTTS”.  A cryptic title, meaning Higher Than The Sky.  Very much a throwback to past glories, and the most straight ahead thrash track so far.  Although “Blame It On The Truth” is nearly as thrash oriented, if it wasn’t for the classic power metal chorus structure, but that is not criticism, these are very well crafted songs.

Final song “For Those Who Wish To Die” is a brilliant way to finish the album. At points the guitar motifs remind me of “Powerslave” by IRON MAIDEN. But the structure of the song is entirely their own.  The acoustic guitar outro with the desolate howl of the wind slowly fading away bring the album to its close. The only complaint being I want more!  I have to confess RAGE have not crossed my radar before, but based on this encounter I will be delving into their extensive back catalog to get to know them better, I urge you to catch them on tour wherever you can. I hope to.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. True
2. Let Them Rest In Peace
3. Chasing The Twilight Zone
4. Tomorrow
5. Wings Of Rage
6. Shadow Over Deadland (The Twilight Transition)
7. A Nameless Grave
8. Don’t Let Me Down
9. Shine A light
10. HTTS
11. Blame it On The Truth
12. For Those Who Wish To Die
Peavy Wagner – Vocals/Bass
Marcos  Rodreguez– Guitar
Vassilios Maniatopoulos – Drums
Record Label: SPV Records


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