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Rain Or Shine - Seize The Night

Rain Or Shine
Seize The Night
by Kayla Hutton at 19 June 2018, 12:45 PM

Formed in 2013, comes the debut album, “Seize the Night”, from melodic rockers RAIN OR SHINE. Hailing from Greece this duo signed with Lions Pride Music and revised the self-released digital tracks and turned it into what you hear today. RAIN OR SHINE is a good example of creating modern day glam rock. Boasting the style and flare of 80’s rockers like POISON, WARRANT, and SLAUGHTER, without duplicating it or sounding like a bad cover band. And I’m talking glam rock post the makeup days. They even changed up the song order equation that always saw the ballad of the album as track four or eight. They put theirs as track six, “Don’t Go.

The riffs are solid and vary between a heaviness that kind of faded as soon as grunge took over. Not too heavy as it still has a pop feel, meaning that it's catchy, easily memorable, and won't complicate the listener to the point that they turn it off. “It’s a crime” focuses on the relaetable topic of infidelity. “It's a crime being cheated on, O.K. to be the cheater.” With a vocal style that is similar to Janie Lane (RIP) he kind of picks up where Jani left off in his prime right after “Dog Eat Dog” was released. It’s not a song bombarded with sobbing, rather a steady strong bop with a hint of hoping that chick gets hers for being a tramp. “Believe” offers an optimistic point of view to a realistic scenario of wandering on autopilot. Musically it’s just as moving as the lyrics bringing a ray of hope into a darkened soul who has lost faith in love.

RAIN OR SHINE is also giving hope of breathing new life into a once brilliant but put aside genre. They truly have captured a moment in time perfectly. If it wasn’t for the production value being so good I would have sworn they were a band overlooked in the 80’s. The music and melody of the leads, the drummers timing on emphasizing certain moments and changes, and the effort in the vocals and lyrics, all seem very heartfelt and genuine. “Spell I’m under” begins with the acoustic strength similar to DAYS OF THE NEW / TANTRIC. Designed to take control and play on your emotions. Painting a picture of a view from a high rise on a gray overcast day. An unexpected turn as the track then throws a curve ball with a great rock riff. Keeping the same pace as the acoustic intro allows it to flow together nicely. These are the kind of riffs that separate the players from the posers.

RAIN OR SHINE doesn’t have to hide behind the same 4 power chords, they actually make melodic music that allows the instruments to tell the story alongside the lyrics. There are no real womanizing, playboy, strip club moments. They have focussed more on the everyday working man life topics and of course the thrills of love and the devastation of a broken heart. "All that really matters" touches on the underdog with an unbreakable determination to live out his dream.

“Dave was born in Detroit grew up in poverty, his life a nowhere story lost in time. He kept his hopes up high and went to Hollywood to live his big town dreams and fly away. Nobody knows what's meant to be how luck can turn”

For those who miss the direction glam was heading when the makeup and spandex were dropped but the music still pumped and made you feel good enough to sing along, RAIN OR SHINE is the modern day 80’s melodic rock band for you. Music Quality and audio production are great and clear on the PC speakers. In the car, I was shocked that the highs didn’t hurt my ears and mids didn’t sound muddy at all. Current techniques in mixing and mastering make this album great to crank up and roll the windows down.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8
Overall: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fool's Paradise
2. It's A Crime
3. Believe
4. Heartbreak
5. Seize The Night
6. Don't Go
7. Spell I'm Under
8. Don't Give Up
9. All That Really Matters
10. Believe (Acoustic Bonus Track)
Steve S. R. – Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Andy R. McCormick – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Lions Pride Music


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