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Rainburn - Insignify

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 November 2018, 6:35 AM

RAINBURN was founded in 2011 in Bangalore, India, as a vehicle for eclectic, progressive music. The band’s debut EP “Canvas of Silence” was released in 2015, and named a Top Five Progressive album by Classic Rock Magazine. Today, the band is back, with their debut full-length, titled “Insignify,” which contains ten tracks. It’s a concept album about “the search for indent, significance, and purpose, with the overarching meaningless of life.”

“The Wait” is a brief opening spoken word piece, talking about the “weight of expectations, crushing…” overtop some spacy keyboard notes, seguing into “Merchant of Dreams.” Opening with some running bass lines and guitars in unison, its bright tones release you to a place that is out there but unspoiled. Soft acoustical guitars build layers with vocal harmonies as your burdens are lifted away. An adept guitar solo just pushes you over the top here. “Elusive Light” opens with the line “in your elusive light, I feel unbroken and free, yet so much more vulnerable than I wish to be.” A RUSH like riff ensues, with favorable tones. Soft acoustical guitars carry forward like a warm breeze on a spring morning.

“Mirrors” opens with a slow and sexy swing, talking about “I’m all I can see in this house of mirrors…we’re all mirrors.” Overall, a more sobering sound than the previous tracks, with some psychedelia in the background, underneath the sultry vocals. “Someone New” opens with some aggressive riffing that backs down a bit before the vocals come in. That air of mystery is still very much present. A big chorus catches me a bit off guard, where the notes turn into major chords away from the minor chords that were used up to this point. The message of “let me sync into you, until I’m someone new, color me in your hue, until I’m someone new” is heard.

“Purpose” is an odd acapella track, with just some soft acoustical guitars, talking about “why couldn’t I be special, why shouldn’t I be special…what is special anyway?” with vocal harmonies and some real emotions shown.  “Suicide Note” is much darker, opening with a heavy rhythm, and some accenting. The lyrics read “it’s dark in this unsung room, and darker in my mind.” The vocals stretch out to anguished longings, but breathe a bit in the chorus. The title track is a quick two minutes of a summer breeze, with clean and bright tones, giving you hope. “Within” opens with charming tones and the sounds of birds chirping. The lyrics read, “can’t you see, purpose and eternity like within you, within me.” This jovial sound definitely reflects the message…maybe life isn’t meaningless after all?

“School of Atlantis” closes the album; a seven minute affair, and the darkness returns. At first the song swings a bit with some hasty rhythms. The ending lyrics are “I can feel the weight,” coming back around again. Overall, this is a very interesting album, performed with expert execution. The combination of some lighter moments with the heavy weight of others makes for a great listening experience. Thoughtful, intelligent songwriting and a heavy dose of their own flair secures this as one of the better albums in the genre that I have heard this year.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Wait
2. Merchant of Dreams
3. Elusive Light
4. Mirrors
5. Someone New
6. Purpose
7. Suicide Note
8. Insignify
9. Within
10. School of Atlantis
Vats Iyengar – Lead vocals, Guitar
Praveen Kumar – Drums
Ravi Nair – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Paraj Kumar Singh – Guitar, Vocals (live member)
Record Label: Independent


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