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Rainburn – Resignify Award winner

by Gary Hernandez at 20 January 2020, 8:24 PM

RAINBURN is a Prog Rock band based out of Bangalore, India. In 2018 they issued “Insignify” to much acclaim. In November 2019, they released “Resignify,” a companion EP which re-imagines several tracks from “Insignify” and one track from their 2014 debut, “Canvas of Silence.” The five tracks on “Resignify” offer alternative live takes and variant studio remakes. As you might expect from a Prog band, the album is lush and intricate in its musical compositions; deep and introspective in its lyrical make up. If I was a classically trained musician or an academic musicologist, I might be able to go on about the variety of time signatures, modulating cadences, and other complexities, but, alas, I am just a mortal metalhead, so its gut reactions and uninformed opinion you’ll be getting.

The first track, “Suicide Note: Alive in Black,” is nice kick off to the EP. It is both heavy and thoughtful, and the production work is surprisingly crisp. The vocals are clean and expertly harmonized. If you are looking for more of a sanitized version, the song is reprieved at the end of the album with an acoustic, studio approach and re-titled “Suicide Note: Fading into White.” The final version also features Akash Kumar on piano. I prefer the live, heavy version, btw. The second track, “Elusive Light: Resignified,” features Adarsha Ramakumar on violin. The song reminds me of white wine, fancy cheese, and privilege. There are also some bongos going on that gives it a hippy vibe. The lyrics are a bit too emo for me, but, again, uncultured metalhead speaking here. Not a big fan of this track.

Someone New: Another Night” is another live track. It has loads of sharps and flats and reminds me of OPETH and Chick Corea all rolled into one. I dig this track. It’s heavy, off-kilter, and frenetic. Following is “Veil: Recanvased,” which features two guest artists: Ajit Singh on drums and Chirag Samtani performing a killer guitar solo. At the very end of the track, Vats comes unhinged on vocals, which gives the track some raw grit.

Promotional materials herald “Resignify” as the end of a chapter for RAINBURN. I think it’s a bit hyperbolic. I mean, we’re essentially talking one EP and one full-length album with an alternate take EP across a span of five years. Granted there seems to have been a hell of a lot of lineup changes, but welcome to rock ‘n’ roll. Have ever looked up URIAH HEEP’s lineup circus? Anyway, excellent Prog rock here. Not a Metal album by any means, but still very good.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 6
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Suicide Note: Alive in Black
2. Elusive Light: Resignified
3. Someone New: Another Night
4. Veil: Recanvased
5. Suicide Note: Fading into White 
Vats Iyengar – Vocals; Classic, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Ravi Nair - Electric and Acoustic Bass, Vocals
Praveen Kumar - Drums, Samples
Paraj Kumar Singh - Electric Guitar, Tabla, Vocals
Record Label: Unherd Music


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