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Raintime - Tales From Sadness (CD)

Tales From Sadness
by Michael Dalakos at 30 April 2005, 2:17 PM

The day I decided to listen and make comments about the debut album of Raintime was one of those difficult days where I actually hate anything (including me - lol). So I prepare my stainless steel shovel and pushed play on the CD player. Hmm… the first song is good. And the second one is not bad at all, wait the third one is really cool. Damn! How can you bury such a cool album? I hate moments like these!!!
Raintime is an Italian act existing since 1999 and so far has already released one demo. Tales From Sadness is their debut effort under the guidance of Arise Records. The first thing that came in mind after listening couple of songs was the name of another great disbanded act: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow! Yeap, if you happen to know the style of Eternal Tears Of Sorrow then you know exactly the game of Raintime!
In case you are not aware of Eternal Tears Of Sorrow (shame on you!) try to imagine a fusion of outstanding technical power metal / epic / atmospheric music and for a final twist death metal! All these are very hard to combine but if you posses the touch of Midas the outcome is at least dazzling. I'll take two songs for example. The opener Moot-lie is a fast, row and quite modern trendy tune bringing forward the extreme side of the band. Just before the end the tune Using The Light Forever is a strictly epical song with great breaks before the refrain. OK let's mention one more, the last song Daily Execution / Paradox Defeat sounds like a synopsis of all the bands elements. Fast, groovy with melodic refrain.
Being a debut album its hard to believe the bands technical skill and mature compositions. The album has a sharp / clean production helping a lot the sonic outcome. It's been a while since the last time a debut effort has surprised me that much! Friends of beautiful and colorful music must check it out.

4 Star Rating

Moot - Lie
The Experiment
Denied Recollection
Chains Of Sadness
Using The Light Forevever
Daily Execution / Paradox Defeat
Claudio Coassin - Vocals & keyboards
Michele Colussi - Bass
Matteo Di Bon - Guitar
Enrico Fabris - Drums
Luca Michael Martina - Guitar
Record Label: Arise Records


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