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Raise Hell - Written in Blood Award winner

Raise Hell
Written in Blood
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 August 2015, 2:29 AM

In 1999, I came to know a band from Sweden that really astonished me back then. I was in a store, seeing some new CDs that arrived, and one of them was "Holy Target". The cover called my attention, and then I asked to give a listening. Of course I liked it a lot, that vicious and powerful way of playing Thrash Metal with Black Metal lyrics (and influences) was something different that I was expecting. And now, 16 years ago (nine between their last album, "City of the Damned"), I am reviewing their new album, "Written in Blood".

Of course I heard something between both albums, so I can say that their musical work now is really mature, with some good melodies more evident than before, a cleaner sound, yet still aggressive (but tearing out their Black Metal influences). And they still have the same energy as before, just being more evident in technical and melodic terms. The speed is present in many moments, but is not their main focus as before. Even an intense and deep introspective feeling is presented in some parts. So, we can say that they evolved a lot throughout the years.

"Written in Blood"'s sound quality is fine, being clear to their more melodic and melodic Thrash Metal orientated music. A fine work done, I must say, because the sound is clear as their musical arrangements need, but having a very good dose of weight. Having the helping hand of Sven Vormann (former DESTRUCTION member) on drums, the album is very good, with some great songs like "Dr. Death" (with some great guitar riffs and solos, and the song is charming due the contrasts of fast and slow tempos), the abrasive and bitter "Demon Mind" (where some influences from modern Thrash Metal from bands from Gothenburg are presented, along with fine melodies on guitars), the more melodic orientated "A Blackened Resurrection" (very good tempos once more, and a fine interpretation from the vocals, along with technical work on bass and drums), the thundering and fast "We Arise", the intense and ironic "Thank You God", and the solid ball of Thrash Metal called "Final Hour".

A fine come back after 9 long years.

4 Star Rating

1. Dr. Death
2. Six Feet Under
3. Fallen Domination
4. Demon Mind
5. A Blackened Resurrection
6. The Bell of the Reaper
7. We Arise
8. Thank You God
9. In Cold Blood
10. Final Hour
Jimmy Fjällendahl - Vocals
Niklas Sjöström - Bass
Jonas Nilsson - Guitars
Sven Vormann - Drums
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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