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Ram - Death

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 January 2012, 12:17 PM

Unless they were the fortunate ones that came back from the dead and didn't share the experience, no one has the faintest idea regarding the feeling of being dead. Maybe that is why Death is such an attractive theme to explore and raise assumptions about. Death has been one of the prime themes of Metal ever since it began walking the earth.Bands embraced Death to their names and also named their albums accordingly. "Death" is also the third album of the Swedish traditional Metal band from Sweden, RAM, which was released via Metal Blade Records. With different looks towards the subjects of demise and coming darkness, this band has reached new heights.

Following the later 70s Metal scene, merely BLACK SABBATH, along with strong influences of NWOBHM that seemed to me more in the line of TANK and early IRON MAIDEN among others, and I would also add a little bit of early MERCYFUL FATE to this fine mixture. Furthermore, "Death" puts RAM under a sort of intriguing halo of darkness that was conveyed by their lyrical inspirations and a large part of the music that seemed to have left questions unanswered. Nonetheless, at the end of it all, as the song pronounced so well, this is Heavy Metal tyranny no matter if darkness is on the verge of enfolding or not.

Following the hazy intro of "Death…", an instrumental that won't disgrace the likes of several of PINK FLOYD's psychedelic compositions, RAM broke loose from their binding chains with "…Comes From The Mouth Beyond". Along with the classic sense of the music, which was well reserved while promoting the past with grace, RAM displayed their share of evilness and admiration for a good mystery.Nonetheless, the track that truly bought me right over was "Release Me" with its mixed 80s meets 70s direction. It was so easy to fall in love with the great riffs, chorus and lead section. Actually, and besides this song, RAM wrote some tracks that were as attempts to break the common structure with kind of intelligent arrangements that didn't sour, like "Frozen" for instance. On the other hand, "Flame Of The Tyrants", the Heavy Metal motivational strike force of the album, set the pieces of a wonderful straightforward march.

Pure old school should be cared for with love and this is what love is all about. "Death", whether you think about it as an interest in mysticism or you are plainly here for the great music, is a highly recommended new wave of the NWOBHM signed by a Swedish hand.

4 Star Rating

1. Death…
2. …Comes From The Mouth Beyond
3. I Am The End
4. Release Me
5. Defiant
6. Frozen
7. Under The Scythe
8. Hypnos
9. Flame Of The Tyrants
10. 1 7 7 1 
Oscar Carlquist- Vocals
Morgan Pettersson- Drums
Harry Granroth- Guitar
Daniel Johansson- Guitar
Tobias Petterson- Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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