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RAM - The Throne Within Award winner

The Throne Within
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 August 2019, 11:38 PM

To admit that I have never been sure about something in my entire, would be false. However, I can add another good reason for my utter commitment for Heavy Metal music, another motivational gesture to further push me deeper into the well of the metallic elixir. Call me a purist, which I am not really as it is hard to be just in one place in Metal music, as it is so vast, like a universe class giant, however, I usually get those motivational pounds from Traditional Metal bands. This time it happened with the brand new old school Metal release of “The Throne Within”, via Metal Blade Records, by the Swedish Heavy Metal merchants, RAM. It is also my first time reviewing them, at least from what I can remember.

RAM have always been loyal to the old flame, determinant protectors of the old guard of Heavy Metal music. Their music and appearance of spikes and studs, scream to the era of 80s like a banshee, unleashing a massive attack of tribute, in the name of the heydays. “The Throne Within” is no different in their line of albums, swaying between mystifying oblivion, treading in emotive fields and even tasting the tip of the blade in epic tales of lost times.

Sinking deeper, it is evident that RAM have been bound by the magic that has been spread by British and German Metal indications. In the left corner, there is the reference of the mighty British Metal juggernaut, JUDAS PRIEST, in particular the band’s mid to late 80s discography, favoring the cross of vibes between “Screaming For Vengeance”, “Defenders Of The Faith” and “Ram It Down”. It is hard to deny the similarities with RAM’s sound pattern, which is addictive as hell. RAM’s lead guitar section is decisive, melting with a dedication to the classics, portraying an amazing atmosphere that would make your skin crawl at times. Furthermore, the vocals of Oscar Carlquist can easily be rendered as a rough version of Rob Halford, yet the roughness really did well here.

In the right corner, there is also much respect towards the Teutonic Terror of veteran German ACCEPT. As for ACCEPT, I noticed hints of the band’s classic years, converging mainly under the clout of “Balls To The Wall” and “Russian Roulette”. RAM’s attention to the heavy barrage of rhythm guitar riffs, unchaining cracking nostalgia, penetrating deep inside your ears, similar to the Germans. Riff mongers would really take pleasure in those.

Generally, the power surge of the RAM’s riffery, energetic drumming and sharp as an axe vocals, are a pleasure to listen to, it would be hard not to be caught by the steel web of the Swedes. On that note, the quality of the music entails the strength of the songwriting, producing both ends of the table, catchy tunes that are easy to market alongside epic and constructive tunes that share also fine melodies and memorable moments, yet a tad more complex in nature. The straightforwardness and memorability of the “The Trap” won me over, a spectacular performance, with the main riff and chorus demolishing every obstacle in their path. “You All Leave”, on the other hand, is like a lost balladry gem that JUDAS PRIEST never wrote, and should have. RAM made a long live power ballad, emotional and grasping. “Blades Of Betrayal” is a sonic seducer, no wonder it was chosen to lead as a single for the album, melodic and equally forbidding with its riffing, a vibrant charge with a lot to prove. Reminded me somewhat of “Freewheel Burning” for some reason. Other tunes to watch out closely: “Spirit Reaper”, “Ravnfell” and “No Refuge”.

I have been asking on several interviews that I made about the existence of the term Metal Gods, and is it even relevant nowadays. I never really got a straight answer to that, as some said this and some that. Concerning RAM, continuing in the same direction of greatness, may get them closer to the throne. Maybe the crown is to be placed on a Swedish band, and not necessarily SABATON?

4 Star Rating

1. The Shadowwork
2. Blades of Betrayal
3. Fang and Fur
4. Violence (Is Golden)
5. The Trap
6. No Refuge
7. Spirit Reaper
8. You All Leave
9. Ravnfell
Oscar Carlquist - Vocals
Morgan Pettersson - Drums
Harry Granroth - Guitar
Martin Jonsson - Guitar
Tobias Petterson - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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