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Ramchat – Krvel’

by Kris Marsden at 09 February 2023, 1:05 AM

Slovakian Pagan Black metallers RAMCHAT have been around since 2013; after releasing three albums and an equal number of EPs, RAMCHAT are back with their fourth full-length release, “Krveľ”, released 18th November 2022 via HladoHlas.

Before going into the music and the review, (mentioned before in a review I once inked), one will always find that extreme music comes in many forms of (bowl of) forbidden fruit for the listener, whether it’s for enjoyment, relaxation, forgetting about daily life, or pure headbang/moshing – well we have, “Krveľ” a mystical-beautiful and electrifying piece, -one moment you’re nodding your head -headbanging to the progressive surge -whatever your choice -this does it all this. This mystical-beautiful and electrifying piece plays like a vast concert hall within the walls of the listener’s eardrums -the mood and atmosphere captured within each piece -are magical -yet epic -loud -but grand and beautiful.

Instantly the listener presses that play button, and one is welcome to the opening piece, “Mreli”, which welcomes the listener’s ears with an introductory instrumental of warm-kindle pf the piano -before unleashing their magisterial and electric musical spectrum deliverance of instrumental and vocal artistry, all composed with perfection, along with the lyrical work which consists of Slavic Gods and Mythology, Paganism, Anti-Christianity and Heritage—simultaneously instrumental and vocal work consists of the cleverness of adding each moment at the right moment -intertwine like a ritualistic dance around a sacrificial fire - the changes within each song -again magical -yet epic -loud -but grand and mystically-beautiful. Where the guitar work utilising flourish of hook-laden heavy-progressive and swirling riffage, with grand (ominous) chords and witchy folkish melodies/solos, pulse-pounding orchestral/symphonic strings and weird and ghostly keys, drum work is weighty and moving. We have the vocal work sung in the band’s native tongue and consists of male and female, ranging from deep growls and snarls/to striking spoken words, incantations, and (female) witchy words. Old folk traditions and instruments such as kalimba and shaman’s drum and battle horns - all wrapped in a haunting and dark mood of paganism/ritualistic atmosphere and music seem deeply rooted in the earth and the four elements.

In my opinion, while listening and inking the review on “Krveľ”, it was tempting to write certain tracks. Still, I’ll resist the temptation and simply inked, what I wrote above, which sums up each song in one writing and what the listener will receive, which is a receiving of an overwhelming adrenaline-fueled dervish whirl of instrumental and vocal madness from the moment of pressing the play button. At the same time, each of the excellent pieces (each piece variety in sound, tempo, tone, paganism/ritualistic mood and atmosphere) is nicely placed where it is needed, all provided by excellent craftmanship and musicianship.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Mreli
2. Krútňava
3. Ani majster, ani žiak
4. MestoBes
5. Mord
6. Miesto, kde umierajú piesne
7. Prišli ukradnúť slnce
8. Už ti nepatrí
9. Krveľa
Martin Valkár – Vocals
Pavel “Hirax” Baričák – Guitars, Charango, Vocals (additional)
Viťo Kotrík – Guitars
Mišo Goldberger – Drums
Richard Pokorný – Bass
Record Label: HladoHlas


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