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Ramming Speed - Brainwreck (CD)

Ramming Speed
by Caterina Zoi at 07 August 2009, 9:30 AM

A couple of days ago I received Brainwreck in my hands. It's RAMMING SPEED's first full length album and I can say that I didn't really feel enthusiastic about it.
RAMMING SPEED was formed in 2005 in Massachusetts (USA) under the name DESPOTIC ROBOT. They played their first show in January 2007 and has since played slightly over 80 shows including one full US and one East Coast tour to support a self-released 7 record .
Well, this album is a mixture of Thrash, Punk, Grind and Hardcore all together. It's pretty aggressive, but I think that it's not so easy for a classic thrasher to like it, cause as I've already said  instead of pure Thrash metal it contains many other elements. It's like you're listening to TESTAMENT and NAPALM DEATH at the same time. This is not necessarily bad, but this is what makes this album more appealing to new audiences. Basically Brainwreck's lyrics cover themes such as American xenophobia, terrorist paranoia and the Metal scene's aversion to politics.
To conclude, I personally wasn't that impressed by this CD, but it would definitely be loved by somebody who is more into new sounds of Metal.

2 Star Rating

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The Threat…
Lazer Assault
All In All
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Bogus Facade
Sound The Alarm
Immigrant Song
Political Party
Man vs. Machine
Arrested Development
A Modern Myth
Heavy Metal Thunder
Pete Goblin Charms - Vocals
Ricky Speed - Guitar
Flowers Bliss - Guitar
Heavy Metal Harwood - Bass
Jonah Laserstorm - Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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