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RandomWalk - Redemption (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 April 2008, 3:35 PM

The Greek metallers RANDOMWALK have released their brand new full-length album and they were kind enough to send it to us for a review. My country was always nice towards the Metal scene providing some more than great Black Metal bands like ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA and more. The question is, what happens when it is all about different forms of Metal (by different meaning not the classic stuff)?

The Athenian Metal act was formed in 2005 and did not release anything until this year, 2008, when they decided to release not only their debut album, but their very first official release. I tried to find their label on the net, but unfortunately I had no luck since I never managed to find a website or something. Not even the album's booklet mentions anything about this label.

Anyway, RANDOMWALK try to do something really weird and hard, but definitely interesting with their debut full-length album. Many bands have managed to mix elements that have nothing in common between them, but these guys seem really ambitious, since they try to mix two elements that have absolutely nothing to share, yet many things to keep them distant. RANDOMWALK are on a really hard and painful journey to mix the atmospheric Goth music with the groove and the brutality you get from Metalcore. What happens when you try to mix symphonic keyboards with harsh vocals and heavy guitars?

I will tell you what happens. It depends on how much you have worked on your stuff as a band. Although this band has some great ideas to present to the… to any audience it addresses, I believe that they haven't worked so much on their songs. While listening to Redemption I found some weaknesses in their music that are justified by the fact that this is only their first release. Jean Baptiste has the advantage that he can help the band on this journey, since he can sing equally good in both styles the band attempts to play. He whispers, sings and screams really nice and I believe that he is one of the milestones of this band. The keyboards are also doing a great job with their creepy and melodic approach, making the music sound close to the melodic Death Metal scene.

So, this is not as good as a debut release by such an experimental band should be, but nonetheless RANDOMWALK show some great potential to create something new and interesting. I suppose that classic Metal fans and people that are not so attracted to experimentations will not be attracted by such a release, but the rest of you that seek a musical adventure be sure to check these guys out and try to realize that they are probably hiding some great stuff for us in the future.

3 Star Rating

One Wish
My Eyes
Faces Down
Mr. Gray
3rd Scream
Deep Down
Blood Beneath Your Wings
Jean Baptiste - Vocals
Vortimer - Guitar
Golgotha - Bass
Harry Mason - Drums
Dorian - Keyboards
Record Label: I For An I Records


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