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Raped Ape - Land Of Broken Promises (Reissue)

Raped Ape
Land Of Broken Promises (Reissue)
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 01 July 2013, 1:37 PM

Up until hearing this slab of vile acrimony, and humdrum monotony, I have been a strong advocate for all the Divebomb Records re-issues. So I figured I would take a stab at RAPED APE, and dive feet first into the pit, shrouded in darkness; never before having experienced their death thrash antics. You would think since this is a double disc it would be replete with some crushing riffs, sedulous solos, and accomplished songwriting, but sadly it is not. Instead, I find myself in a state of perpetual aggravation.

Basically this release is a re-mastered rendition of the “Past Tense” compilation. It includes the “Terminal Reality” (EP) as well as four demos: “Perpetual Aggravation” (1990), “Lost In Mind” (1991), “Stuck“ (1994) and “Paingod” (1995). The second disc includes live video footage of the band performing the previously unreleased track “Due Process”, as well as “The Krusher”, “Hypothermia”, “Who's In Control”, “Mass Population”, “Future Tense” (Not a SANCTUARY cover, but with an average solo, at least) and “Circle Of Blood”.

This Death / Thrash / Hardcore style has very little to offer. Each piece of sonic aggravation is simple minded and lacking that '80s Crossover feel. Are they stuck in a rut, embracing future Metalcore inclinations like the debut albums by: HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, ALL THAT REMAINS, and UNEARTH? As they wrangle to uphold the tension and aggression of the past, they are befouled and sodomized by bullshit breakdowns and grievous grunts? Fans of  BIOHAZZARD, FORMICIDE, WATCH THEM DIE,  later SIMPLE AGGRESSION, or POWER TRIP may enjoy the monkey see, monkey do mayhem, but I am bored to tears.

I hear suggestions of CIRCLE JERKS, DR. KNOW, and ANGKOR WATT, but void of any passion or respect such bands as AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, SICK OF IT ALL, and C.O.C. attained. And so the rape chase begins, because RA take the easy way out and tend to follow the trend popularized by PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD, and SEPULTURA, such that each song just drags on with drudgery and little conveyance of any meaning. The first few tracks on Disc 2 are just god awful and painful to hear. It is not until you get to the MELIAH RAGE inspired “Mass Population”, PRONG prompted “Not A Moment To Spare”, or AT WAR policy of “Self Made MAN” that I can even begin to tolerate this primal concrete sludge.

I wonder who is in control of writing the music? I hear hints of ALCHEMICON, CERTAIN DEATH, FOUR WALLS FALLING, or MERAUDER, with “Remembrance” and “Wastoid”. There are caustic leanings towards the debut by CRUMBSUCKERS and WASTED YOUTH, with some melody, similar to THE CRUCIFIED and SOLITUDE (Who's “Poisoned Population” Compilation on Divebomb was most impressive!).

The “Ignorance” and “Independence” of SACRED REICH may have inspired “Lost In Mind” and “Voice Of Reason”. The “Power And Pain” of WHIPLASH set the precedent for tracks like “Shrouded In Darkness”, “Circle Of Blood”, etc. but overall, nothing  is too memorable or worthy of praise. Fans of FORCED ENTRY may go for “Feet First”, die-hard dedicates for DEATHRASH may still be buried alive but drawn towards “The Krusher”, those who enjoyed the first DEFIANCE might like “Hypothermia”, and supporters of SGM or AGGRESSION may relish “Monkey See, Monkey Do”.

Now famed tattoo artist and vocalist / guitarist - Mike "Pooch" Pucciare – has very little range and his vocals do not always fit the music. I am just not convinced by his feigned menacing approach.  J.C.'s drumming is mundane and generic. Those Funk / Punk bashing bass elements and attitude popularized by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' Robert Trujillo , OVER KILL's D.D. Verni , or S.O.D. & NUCLEAR ASSAULT's Dan Lilker seem to bypass Buckely when it comes to laying down those crazy mosh beats.

You would think the music would stand the test of time, but as a contender for bands of this ilk, Raped Ape should ask GORILLA BISCUITS, IRON MONKEY and Italy's MONKEY BUSINESS for some hints on how to write better, more accessible songs. “Land Of Broken Promises”, indeed!

2 Star Rating

Disc 1:
1. Land of Broken Promises
2. Victim of the Game
3. Voice of Reason
4. Remembrance
5. Who's in Control
6. Return to Nothing
7. The Krusher
8. Shrouded in Darkness
9. Kill Thy Neighbor
10. Circle of Blood
11. S.T.D. (Socially Transmitted Death)
12. Pieces of Aggravation (Instrumental)
13. Hypothermia
14. Lost in Mind
15. Monkey See, Monkey Do
16. Feet First
17. Wastoid
18. The Krusher - Live

Disc 2:
1. Stuck
2. Future Tense
3. Drag
4. Mass Population
5. Paingod/Sicklife
6. Not a Moment to Spare
7. Blind Vision
8. Easy Way Out
9. Self Made Man
10. One and the Same
Mike “Pooch” Pucciarelli – Vocals, Guitars
John Paul Soars – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tommy Buckley – Bass, Backing Vocals
J.C. Dwyer – Drums
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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