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Rapscallion - Maximum Splendid

Maximum Splendid
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 July 2021, 2:32 PM

Hard Rock is a genre whose fragments allow a vast range of musical possibilities. The name of the genre is linked to names as AC/DC and DEEP PURPLE, but can reach those Glam Metal names as MÖTLEY CRÜE and RATT as well (in fact, during the 80’s, it was usual to call the late names as ‘Californian Hard Rock’), so it’s better to be careful when dealing with Hard Rock’s name. So RAPSCALLION’s first release, called “Maximum Splendid”, can make things even more difficult to label with precision.

On this work, influences from AC/DC (the nasty and catchy energy) are clear, but the charming melodies and catchy energy of FOO FIGHTERS can be felt as well. It’s a form of accessible Hard Rock (even your old parents would love it at first hearing), of course, but with that rough touch that make things a bit more aggressive, and there are parts with evident Groove touches. And such balance is precious, because even not being something that wasn’t heard before, it’s very good, free of conceptions and uncompromised.

The production was done in a way that the band’s music sounds crude and full of energy, but in a way that the listener can understand what’s being played, and absorb what is being expressed by the band. And on the album, there are special guests, as Steampunk/Chap Hop legend, Professor Elemental on additional vocals on “Cup of Brown Joy - Rapscallion Infusion”, “Glamour Horse” and “Night of the Giant Killer Crabs” (where Lou Gravett helps on the additional vocals too).

Musically, as written above, nothing new will be found on “Maximum Splendid”. But it’s really very good to hear songs as “(You’re Bloody Well Getting) Rock & Roll (Tonight)” (the combination of accessible elements with a nasty energy is very good, improved by the sharp guitars), “Call On You” (a bit more harder than the previous one, but with a better melodic definition in some moments, with good vocals), “Cthullette” (very good work on the rhythm done by bass guitar and drums, and what set of melodies is used on it), “Queen of Treats” (a bluesy feeling flows from this one, and the weight is more evident as well), and “Glamour Horse” is proof of a disc that can entertain the listener in great shape. Yes, the band’s musical work is really good, a chance to refresh the ears and minds, something to relax and to enjoy a great time.

It’s just the beginning, because “Maximum Splendid” is the first release of RAPSCALLION. So, the future is really promising!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. (You’re Bloody Well Getting) Rock & Roll (Tonight)
2. Call On You
3. Blaggard
4. Cthullette
5. Cup of Brown Joy - Rapscallion Infusion
6. Queen of Treats
7. Night of the Giant Killer Crabs
8. Never Love a Man (Without a Moustache)
9. Glamour Horse
10. Maketh the Man
Moog Gravett - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Delightful Recordings


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